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What is a logo label?

A logo tag is a brand tag created using one’s own company logo, design, motto or artwork. Use logo labels to create brand identity for your product, which ultimately leads to brand loyalty. Business labeling is a key aspect of your strategy to grow your market.

 Woven logo labels

KSTHL’s woven logo labels are fully customizable in design, color, fold and size. Simply upload your logo or artwork to create a label that is unique to you. Pantone is available in hundreds of colors, as well as optional folding and durable taffeta trim. Woven logo labels can be sewn by hand or with a sewing machine or iron of choice.

Logo labels
Logo labels for all purpose-KSTHL LABELS 2

Print logo labels

Print logo Label is the process of printing custom labels by various methods. These methods include digital printing, flexographic printing, and wide-format printing, all of which produce different results in the look, feel, and purpose of the label. 

Woven labels —with your logo

Our fully customizable woven labels with logos are popular with everyone from boutiques, style and accessory entrepreneurs to large companies. We have helped thousands of customers create their unique identity with professional fabric labels.

High quality knitting process creates your personal design from scratch with thread colors of your choice. The end result is a beautiful, professional quality label that is more durable than an embroidered label.

Design Logos with Product Labels

Think about how your label design would look when printed on the actual product label. Your product label and logo is part of a larger branding strategy, so use it as a guide when choosing fonts and colors for your logo and any product labels you design later.

  1. Color options
  2. Label size constraints

Design and print your own product labels

Designing and printing your own product labels also enables you to change them as needed. This opens the door to seasonal product labeling design, private labeling of your products, collectible products, and more.

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