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Custom labels made for your clothing lines

Every detail matters for fashionable or functional garments. These details are directly associated with your brand and can make or break the impression it leaves. So, you will never want to overlook materials, fits, features, and the cherry on top – custom labels.


Don’t let your clothing line fall victim to subpar labels that get scratchy or fade within a week of wearing. Instead, entrust the KSTHL label company to maximize durability in all your garment details and take your brand’s identity to the next level through custom tags that are nothing but perfect. We can create them for wholesale orders, spanning clothing lines and specific pieces.

Purchase labels that fit everything

If you think your labels should be unique, durable, and eye-catching, we have numerous options to make that happen:

  • Materials. KSTHL is equipped to work with various materials, including grain leather for a touch of sophistication, hard-wearing polyester, eco-friendly PU, and luxurious fabrics like satin and damask textiles. Your labels will reflect your apparel line based on your values and usage expectations.
  • Usage. You can buy labels in bulk for your major clothing line or several collections of garments and accessories, including tops, bottoms, bags, shoes, and even home textiles. Wherever your brand takes you, KSTHL tags will follow suit. Washable and eco-friendly options are available to meet all your needs.
  • Techniques. Since 2003, we have been harnessing different techniques, including woven labels for a classic touch, ultrasonic cutting for precision, embroidery for intricate designs, and sewing patterns for an appealing finish. You can select your perfect fit when ordering labels online.
  • Customization. Refine your tags along with branding elements and logos. You can customize your cheap labels with any text, color, and collection-specific features. We have dedicated teams to get on the same page with you about your brand’s identity and clothing individuality to bring that to your tags.

How do we make your labels?

At KSTHL, quality is our hallmark. Our craftsmanship is always inspiring, and our people never cut corners on your garment labels. In part, this results from:


  • Certified raw materials. When some fabric or leather pattern is approved for your tags, that means it has undergone testing and has been certified according to SGS, Oeko-Tex, and Intertek criteria.
  • Professional equipment. Our in-house textile capabilities encompass automated cutting, weaving, and folding machines to ensure precision in every tag we create. Smooth edges and a luxury feel are guaranteed.

Let’s get in touch to take your personalized cheap wholesale labels from PDF to production. 


Our MOQ is only 100 pieces. If you want to create more tags for multiple apparel lines or collections, we are open to inquiries.

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