[My story in 2020]Mending clothing is also designing clothes-wholesale sew on patches

Wholesale sew on patches

A few days ago,it was hot here to wear T-shirt, these two days suddenly get cold down and need to wear a coat.When I am looking for a coat,I remembered last year an interesting thing.

Fireworks made of steel wool were very popular on the Internet last year. They are very nice to take photos and videos with. Swing the fireworks by our hand, and then it flew out like a spark, and it was beautiful and spectacular.I don’t know if you’ve ever seen fireworks like this.

My friends like to take pictures, and during the Spring Festival, fireworks must be indispensable.So we also bought steel wool fireworks from the Internet.Yes, it’s very beautiful.But what we didn’t know  is that incorrect use of fireworks can burn holes in your clothes. My friend made this mistake.

Fortunately, the situation was not too bad. She only burned the part that’s not obvious of his coat.But no one likes clothes with holes in them.So overnight we found a clothes-mending shop that we thought would mend the hole for us.But She took us to her patch gallery and took out some bulk patches and cheap embroidered patches for us to choose, such as soccer patches.There are many wholesale sew on patches.Then she put the beautiful badges to sew on the clothes to cover up the holes.After the repair of the clothes become better than before, more design sense.

In addition to the use of woven badges and embroidered badges directly on the original design, we can also use them to make our own style clothes by DIY or even repair the old defective clothes that we like to be reluctant to throw away.

When reading our teacher said, take other people’s things to modify, can become your own things.Because it has your thoughts and your soul.Clothes, pants, shoes, bags and a series of products are also like this.Any custom made iron on patches ,woven labes and other small accessories give it a different feeling.

Wholesale sew on patches

Where is patches?Anywhere! Cheap custom patches also ok,but order iron on patches in top quality will be best.You can design patches online and to buy.

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Wholesale sew on patches

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