Autumn and winter single product customization – three-piece:update 2022


The temperature plummets and it gets cold.  It’s time to wrap up warm!  When you think of fall/winter fashion, you probably directly think of fall/winter colors like red, brown, orange, gold and white, or fall/winter patterns like plaid or snow.  But it’s not enough to be fashionable, it also has to be practical.  As the seasons change, our wardrobes need to adapt to the weather, swapping short T’s for sweaters, shorts for jeans, jackets for thick coats… 

In autumn and winter, the most common matching items are hats, gloves and scarves.  They are durable, fashionable and keep us warm.  Elements of comfort and warmth that you can’t get any other way.  It is suitable for people of all ages, but is especially popular with the younger generation as it can stay warm and add colour and comfort to any outfit.  What’s more, they are very customizable, making them a great choice.  And their surface area leaves a lot of empty space, whether it’s simply using ribbed textures or logo patches, choosing an interesting print, or you adding multiple embellishments to your design, it’s possible to create a completely unique customization for you. 

We’ve helped thousands of large corporations, small business owners, and thriving personal brands create custom products that feature their unique artwork, logos, brand colors, and more.  Whether you’re looking for a big profit for your business or looking for a fun custom gift for a friend’s gift basket, we can help you get closer to your company’s goals. 


Before you decide to invest the time and money into a custom-made three-piece, take a moment to consider the following questions: 


A three-piece audience 

Who are you going to sell your custom products to?  How do you see your customers wearing or designing these products?  Do your customers wear these hats for fashion, or for the winter outdoors?  Identifying your target audience can help you decide whether to customize the product and what kind of design you should make. 

The sales area of the three-piece suite 

Nowadays many young people wear hats all the year round, they regard hats as a fashion.  But the three-piece set is more popular in colder regions and seasons.  If you’re going to sell products at a beachfront store, a three-piece suit should be stylish, as it needs to be versatile in addition to keeping out the cold. 

A three-piece sales channel 

Do you plan to sell custom products wholesale in your online or brick-and-mortar stores?  Or would you go in a completely different direction and make a three-piece set unique by customizing your own design accessories and giving them to friends and family as gifts? 

Benefits of a custom three-piece set 

If you think designing and creating custom products is a savvy business decision based on your strategy and customer base, great!  You’ll get a lot of perks.  Here are four main reasons why selling custom hats is a good idea: 

Great customizability.  You will have the opportunity to customize colors, woven, and embroidery.  AUTUMN AND WINTER SINGLE PRODUCT

Easy to make.  Design your own lives, no matter how complex or unique they can be. 

Low cost.  Compared with finished products, the cost of woven label and woven patch are lower, so consumers can buy and DIY. 

The vast market.  Not just for young people and kids.  Especially in winter, it is popular among many age groups. 

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Autumn and winter single product customization - three-piece:update 2022 4

How to design and make customizations online 

Still itching to create custom hats for your business?  Let’s create!  As long as you have a computer and Internet access, you already have everything you need to get started. 

Design your product 

Indicate the design you want to add to your product.  You can upload your own artwork or logo, or commission one of our expert in-house designers to create something beautiful for you. 

After your order has been processed, our team will send a physical photo.  If you’re happy with it, we’ll start customizing it for you — and if you want to make any changes, we’ll tweak the original design for free. 

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Autumn and winter single product customization - three-piece:update 2022 5
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