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In the garment industry, except for fabrics, all materials used in textile and garment products can be called textile and garment accessories. All these accessories have a very important impact on the internal quality or external quality of the products.  Needless to say, no matter what kind of clothing accessories belong to the details of the product.  But details can often decide the fate of a textile and garment product.  What is woven

We can help the club with customized products like patches, labels, key chains, etc.  This kind of promotional products can make the identity of members easy to identify, attract more people.  How to promote the club?  Promoting a club is not only about social platforms, but also about uniting the club members and making them feel like a family.  To achieve this, it is important to develop a specific symbol.  Every club has its

woven label Do you pay attention to the tag when you buy clothes, or do you just look at the price? Tags and tags will tell you something you didn't know. Learn how to read the tag tag now! woven label When we buy clothes, we will find a label on each piece of clothing. The label is usually on the zipper or the edge of the sewing. Most people probably don't pay that much Pet clothing brand  Many people like to keep pets and even regard pets as a member of the family.  Pet supplies market is bigger and bigger, the brand will echo.  Every year, more and more pet brands stand out from the competition.  Pet brand labels are particularly important.  Is an important factor in identifying the success of any pet clothing brand.  Pet collars, belts, clothes, blankets, etc., are stitched with pet brand labels.  For

Custom labels for shoes From running shoes, high heels, construction boots, glass slippers, whatever footwear, KSTHL has a perfect label to fit your shoes! Perfect for kids shoes, you can make a set of labels for each pair and you can even use labels to help them learn. It can be designed using their first or last name, it can also include patterns of their favorite characters or interesting designs, and help ensure that they

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