brand labels for clothing 3

High quality custom brand labels for clothing :The Ultimate FAQ Guide update 2022

brand labels for clothing

What is the brand labels for clothing called?

brand labels for clothing
brand labels for clothing

8 Easy Steps

1. Types of Clothing Labels

Woven labels

Printed labels

PVC labels

2. The Size of Your Labels

What’s the Best Size for Your Label?

Average Clothing Labels Size

3. Clothing Labels Folds

Types of Folded Clothing Labels

Straight cut

End fold

Center fold

Miter Fold

Manhattan fold

4. How Attach Your Labels to Clothing

What is a Sewing Allowance?

What is the difference in Sewing Allowance All Around vs. Two Sides?

5. Choosing The Right Colors

6. Fonts for Clothing Brands

Best Fonts for Woven, Printed & PVC Labels

7. Clothing Label Design Tips

Creating A Winning Label Design

Quick Tips on How To Create Your Own Logo

Simple vs Intricate Design… Which One is Right?

What To Look For When Designing Your Own Labels?

Color Limitations

8. Putting the label together

Most Popular Combinations

How Attach Your brand labels for clothing

There are many ways to label fabric.

Depending on the location of the label, you may need sewing allowances at the top, top and bottom, sides or around.

Don’t despair!

It’s actually a very simple concept, and there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, just simple guidelines.

 Choosing The Right Colors

Color evokes positive associations and an initial opinion of your brand.

With a thread chart of over 200+ colors to choose from the decision can become overwhelming.

To help us help you achieve the right color scheme we have posted our thread chart here to review colors and shades.

Keep in mind, colors can be subjective due to pixilation differences from computer to computer but lets you play in active role in guiding us into your design vision.

We will match as close as we can but cannot guarantee 100% match all the time.

How to Hand Sew Center-Folded Labels

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High quality custom brand labels for clothing :The Ultimate FAQ Guide update 2022 4

Use a pin to set the label in place and sew the label on a hem of your t-shirt, on the neck, sleeve, pocket or wherever you want it to be.

The following video is the best we have found to learn how to hand sew a center fold label. The example is made using a center fold care label which is sewn on a knit. The explanation is very clear, they use a helpful, well lit shot.

How to sew brand labels with a sewing machine

Luckily, nowadays there are all kind of affordable sewing machines available out there, besides you can use an embroidery machine to automate the process and even an special label sewing machine.

The following video covers all the basics of how to sew a label using a sewing machine and it is an excellent point where to start.

How to Iron on brand labels for clothing

Iron-on fabric labels are very practical, easy to use and they will adhere greatly to your items.

Although not necessary, you can mix both methods, first iron them on and then sew them into place. However, you have to be careful and make sure your item is not made out of a fabric that is heat sensitive, or you will risk to damaged it with the heat from the iron.

That being said let’s review the 4 main steps to attach iron-on clothing labels:

  1. Set the iron on cotton mode or take the heat level to a medium point.
  2. Peel the back of the label if necessary. Fix the label to place you want it to be
  3. Apply heat by 10 seconds, then put the iron aside and check the label, do that as many times as required until creating a solid bond.
  4. Let it cool down and wait at least 24 hours before washing and drying
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