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private label tags

How do I make my own clothing tags?

Private label clothing, or branded apparel, is our specialty. Generally, this involves the use of fashion-forward or high-end garments, specialized printing techniques, and custom labeling/relabeling. Private label apparel is almost always branded officially by means of a custom inside neck print or woven label installation. Additionally, brands will also request other services like installing hang tags, applying a print finish, folding & poly bagging merchandise, or installing woven labels on cuffs or hems.

private label tags
private label tags

How do you put a brand tag on clothes?

Clothing labels may be a necessity, but they’re also an opportunity for designers to promote their brand. Your clothing label doesn’t just have to have technical information on it about materials and temperatures; it can be used as a platform for your brand identity.

A great, recognisable brand builds trust with customers, encouraging loyalty, and can make the difference between success and failure of a company.

What is a hem tag?

The position of your label should be clearly specified when you complete your tech pack. Most clothing manufacturers will place a label on the inside seam of the garment for ease. This way it is easy to find but hidden from the outside.

The amount of information you need to include will determine the length of the label. Placement of the label should be worked into the design and discussed with your clothing manufacturer to ensure all information is clearly displayed.

private label tags
private label tags

What are the tags on clothes called?

Promotional product labels can be a huge help to convey a powerful statement while also distinguishing your brand. Whether you’re conducting a specialized campaign, testing a new market, or prepping for a large event or trade show, personalized labels can help you boost sales and stay in your customers’ minds.

Leather label

What are the leather labels? Leather labels are one of the types of labels with leather material. we can also call them leather tags or leather patches. They have the types of artificial(PU), genuine(real), or suede(microfiber) leather labels.

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