100 cotton clothing labels–The great ultimate FQA Guide update 2022

100 cotton clothing labels

printed cotton labels

The fashion industry is getting more creative by the minute,which is why you have got to use it to your advantage. Labels have a way of subtly advertising your products to the world, especially when they’re placed outside the product or garment. This provides instant visibility for your brand.

100 cotton clothing labels
100 cotton clothing labels

organic cotton labels

I have two favorite materials that I often use every time I sew a label onto a project. The first is something you may already have on hand—an Elmer’s washable glue stick! I love using these because they are super cheap and I usually have them on hand for my daughter’s craft projects. If sewing a label into a seam, apply a little bit of glue on the inside of the label to keep the edges aligned.

Next, apply a little glue near the top edge, on the front and back sides of the label. I usually place one straight pin in it secure and then I sew it into the seam as normal. The glue completely washes out the first time you wash the finished garment/project.

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Cut-and-sew and heat transfer are two main types of fabric labels. Cut-and-sew labels are stitched directly into garments like knitwear or t-shirts and feature a woven edge that’s easy to sew through by hand or machine.

100 cotton clothing labels
100 cotton clothing labels

printed garment labels

Take H&M for example. Their garments are sold with loads of different types of labels. Including transfer AND sewn-in labels. Their t-shirts are branded with heat pressed labels yet their garments such as hoodies and sweatshirts sport a sewn in label in the style of a loop fold. It really depends on the type of product you’re selling that can also factor into your decision in clothing labels.

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Easily add brand differentiation and refine any product with our 100% cotton knit label.  Made exclusively by Old World Looms in Europe, these cotton labels are elegant and charming in their simple style and soft texture.  

Perfect for emerging designers, dealers and artisans, these fabric labels feature durable, woven construction and are designed to withstand multiple washes and extended use while offering unmatched value. 

woven garment labels

Shop for woven cotton labels custom designed at KSTHL Labels! We offer our cotton woven labels an assortment of sizes, fifteen different text and label color options and cotton labels customized with your logo. Our super-soft personalized cotton clothes labels are woven and made of 100% pure Egyptian cotton and durable enough to remain perfectly intact through high-heat washing, drying and even dry cleaning. Any of our custom cotton woven labels are perfect for clothing, knitting, crafts and all your sewing projects.

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100 cotton clothing labels
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