8 Ways to Change your Style Quickly

Changing your style is really easy.  Change your style. Just paying attention to the little things that are usually overlooked can be the key to changing your style.  Here are 8 ways to boost your personal image. 

1. Clothing accessories help change style 

Clothing accessories not only fabrics, lining, zippers, it also includes the main labels, woven patches, embroidered badges, leather labels, ribbons and so on.  According to different popular elements, custom fashion clothing accessories, making clothing in the forefront of the trend. 

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2. Fashion accessories help change your style 

Accessories are an easy and affordable way to change your style.  Mastering the rules of collocation can make a person’s eyes shine.  Show attention to detail by wearing watches, necklaces, earrings, handbags, etc.  Keep the mix simple, don’t use too many pieces, and keep the balance of fashion. 

3. Suits help change style 

The blazer is a timeless fashion piece that is simple and elegant and instantly elevates any outfit.  A blazer simply paired with a plain white T-shirt will look stylish.  With the development of The Times, the blazer is no longer reserved for formal occasions. It is paired with a hoodie and a pair of wide-legged pants for a casual yet stylish look. 

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4. High-quality clothing helps change style 

For clothing, the quality of fabric is very important.  In addition to being comfortable, high quality fabrics are more dignified.  High quality fabrics are a very worthwhile investment.  High quality fabrics look superior and wear well.  Clothes made of low quality fabrics tend to give a slovenly impression. 

5. Dress mash-ups help change style 

The same coat with different styles/colors of lining and skirts/pants will have a different look and feel.  In the same way, the same underwear/pants with different ways of wearing will reflect a different style.  Boldly try different mix and build to bring different modelling, this is a good way to enhance personal image.  Use different combinations to keep things fresh. 

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6. Wearing clothes that fit helps change your style 

Wear clothes that fit well to make you look demure.  The wrong clothes, no matter how beautiful, can make you look sloppy and casual.  No amount of good makeup can save your image. 

7. Different types of shoes help change your style 

Shoes are also an integral part of your personal image.  Different styles of shoes can be matched according to different clothes to reflect different styles.  For example, wear shorts and skirts with long shoes;  Wear long pants and dresses with short tube shoes;  Dress up with heels;  Casual clothing with casual shoes and so on.  In addition, is the color match, try not to let yourself from head to toe too many colors, that looks too loud and not fashionable. 

8. Color helps change style 

The same simple T-shirt, different colors can be done in many different ways.  The contrast of colors can give a sense of immediate brilliance.  Stacking is also a way to show color, adding a bit of impact without ruining your outfit.  It’s warm and stylish when it’s cold.  No need to wear a puffy down jacket. 

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