Advantages and disadvantages of woven patch

Many people looking for clothing patches think embroidered patches are the only option.  However, woven patch offer an attractive alternative to traditional embroidered patches and allow for more flexibility, especially in terms of design. 

Weaving is a kind of patch with exquisite workmanship.  The design is woven over the surface, ensuring a clean, stylish look and accurate details.  It can add brand value. 

The weave is made up of thin threads, which are generally flat.  It can achieve the same effect as the printed patch, but it is more durable than the printed patch and can be washed many times without fading. 

The advantages of woven patch

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1. Woven patch is economical and practical 

No matter how complex the design, through professional machine weaving can be perfect copy out.  Patches are cheaper, faster and more efficient than other types of patches. 

2. Woven patch more functions 

Woven patch is suitable for any type of clothing.  High density, smooth feel, suitable for hats, shirts, jackets, bags and so on.  Withstand the wear and tear of long service.  When ordering fabric, you can add a lock edge for protection. 

3. The surface of the woven patch 

The surface of embroidery patch has concave convex feeling more, the surface is uneven.  The yarn of the woven patch is fine, and the woven patch feels smooth. 

4. Preserve the details of the woven patch 

If the custom woven design is very complex, more colors.  Then we recommend woven patch more.  It preserves design details as much as possible. 

5. Woven patch is more realistic 

Because the details of the weave are well woven, it looks more vivid. 

6. The choice of woven patch 

There are no design restrictions, you can choose any color and shape.  For complex shapes, we don’t recommend adding a lock, just a simple laser cut is perfect. 

Disadvantages of woven patch 

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The woven patch has no texture 

In different circumstances, strengths can become weaknesses.  Some people may enjoy the smooth feel of woven patches, while others may overlook them because they are too flat.  Woven badges are much flatter than embroidered patches, so they don’t have a three-dimensional feel.  People have different preferences for texture.  Embroidery woven patches are the best choice when the pattern is too fine mesh to complete the craft. 

All embroidered badges can be woven, depending on which one you prefer.  Both embroidered and woven badges have their advantages and disadvantages.  When the design is too detailed to be embroidered, weave is an option.  If you prefer a concave touch rather than a flat one, you can opt for an embroidered seal. 

Woven patches are always popular.  They apply to any brand image.  Plus, they’re not as mottled as embroidery patches, so they can easily be top-notch.  Affordable woven patches are a popular choice for both established and up-and-coming brands. 

Iron on woven patch 

Woven patches can be used like embroidery patches.  They can be attached to almost any clothing or fabric;  Such as a jacket, bag, pants, purse or shirt. 

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When to use woven patch 

Due to their versatility, you have almost unlimited ways to use woven patches.  Here are some suggestions: 

Custom.  If you’re a clothing company and want to give your outfit more character, a braided patch design adds an eye-catching detail. 

Teams and organizations.  Woven tags are ideal for team uniforms.  They stick easily to T-shirts and hoodies, giving your sports team a real design advantage. 

Clothing labels.  If you want your logo to stand out on your clothes, using woven patches is a bold, eye-catching way to let people know about your company.  They can easily be added to the bottom of a T-shirt or shirt, a jacket label or the back of a hoodie. 

Online sales.  If you are a talented designer, you can sell your designs online in the form of woven patches.  The ability to iron a patch on their chosen garment will appeal to your target audience. 

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