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affordable custom labels

How do I make cheap labels?

The woven emblem is a combination of woven thread and edge, then we have a wide range of yarn and edge treatments to better personalize your fashion ideas.

Yarn color

What color can I use? You can choose any color, including shiny gold and silver, or match the exact color according to the Pantone card.

How much does it cost to have labels printed?

Polyester fibres (synthetic fabrics such as nylon, acrylic, acetate)

+ Strong, dries fast, cheap, flexible, potentially recycled, versatile, can blend with cotton

– Made from petroleum (non-renewable), doesn’t break down easily, releases plastic microfibers into the ocean when washing which is a HUGE problem, links to negative effects on health, doesn’t breath easily, heavily polluting production.

affordable custom labels
affordable custom labels

How do I make my own product labels?

Garments need identification tags that can withstand wearing, washing, dry cleaning and ironing.  We offer two types of tags – Iron-on (our most popular) and Sew-in (available in 2 sizes).  Both tag types are nylon/polyester and are printed on our thermal transfer printers.  The tags are delivered on a roll and printed in sequential order (if you order numbers and barcodes).  Our tags are very durable and will last for many years.

How do I print sticker labels at home?

6 Ways to Label Clothes

Laundry or Fabric Markers. The easiest and least expensive way to label clothing is with a permanent ink laundry marker or colorful fabric marker. …

Laundry Stamps. Customized self-inking stamps can be purchased to mark clothing. …

Iron-On Labels. …

Stick-On Fabric Labels. …

Sew-In Labels. …

Plastic Tags.

cheap labels

By far the most popular type of label for professional-looking branding.

The most popular style is damask labels, the best quality woven satin labels (just a damask label using satin threads, they turn very soft and shiny).

affordable custom labels
affordable custom labels

cheap printer labels

We have recently increased a stock of more than 600 colored yarns which help to enhance customizing your clothing products.  With our professional service and an available, wider range of vibrant colors option, we believe our custom garment labels will create an outstanding identification of your garment brands.  The yarns we use is an ultimate thin yarns, it delivery a delicate woven image.  Amazingly is that it is an affordable high quality of woven garment labels.  Contact us today for your affordable, custom woven clothing labels.

Customized label

If you are looking for a trusted manufacturer of personalized woven labels who can produce their own clothing labels for your clothing brand, we are here to help you.  With our experienced staff, the latest technology, the latest software programs, and high quality yarn, we can assert that we are the people you need.  Custom clothing labels are the most convenient and effective way to add identity to your clothing styles, bags, hats, shirts, and leather products.  Our labels are woven and are made from high quality yarn

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affordable custom labels
affordable custom labels

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