Best beatuiful buy patches in bulk : The Ultimate FAQ Guide update 2022

buy patches in bulk

buy patches in bulk

What machine do I need to make patches? 

Attaching patches to your jacket, or jeans is a good way to show off your personality.

The patch can be anything, from your favorite character on a show to a favorite brand, or even a quote that you love.

If you know how to attach a simple patch, the possibilities of jazzing up your clothes are limitless.

How do I make a patch? 

With the best fabric glue for patches, you will be able to quickly attach your favorite patch to a piece of clothing that you want.

It takes no skill at all, and as long as you have the right glue, it is exactly as durable as sewing. But the trick is to find the right glue.

buy patches in bulk
buy patches in bulk

How do you make iron on patches? 

All of our patches are iron on the patch, manufactured with a standard heat-activated adhesive substrate to allow easy soldering of the iron during application.

 In addition, our patches are easily sewn onto leather garments and have a unique embroidered edge to do this. 

Our patches are embroidered using the most advanced machinery and technology, enabling us to carry out high quality embroidered patch designs with the most detail and color accuracy.

How do you make a patch without embroidery machine? 

The demand for wholesale patches shows in the market growth and the increase of manufacturers to meet the demand.

Even clothing wholesalers want to add a personal touch to clothes, T-Shirts, Golf-Shirts, hats and other fabrics to “make the product their own”. 

buy patches in bulk
buy patches in bulk

How do you install embroidered patches? 

On Patch superstore you have a great variety of patches to choose from in the sample gallery.

Categories include Biker Patches, Sport Patches, First Responder, Military Patches, Girl Scouts, Scout Patches and Embroidered Patches.

buy patches in bulk
buy patches in bulk


custom patches in bulk

Over 100,000 satisfied customers! At Quality Embroidered Patches we make it easy to create, order, and have your custom patches in no time at all.

All custom embroidered patches are made to your design, whether it’s motorcycle patches, military patches, or a single custom patch, we have you covered.

We make our patches with the highest attention to detail for everyone!

buy patches in bulk
buy patches in bulk

wholesale designer patches 

Embroidered Patches are used by the military, emergency & rescue services, adventure groups & many more. Our Patches are fantastic, great quality & one of our flagship products.

Create your custom Embroidered Patches today – with FREE Delivery.

Whether you’re looking for a simple Sew-On Patch, Iron-On Patches or Velcro backed Patches, with our in house design team we can create something for you.

custom embroidered patches 

Our durable and high quality patches are manufactured at our local Vancouver facility.

 All patches come with a default adhesive for easy use with a home iron. You can also choose to sew the patch onto an item of clothing.

 It’s easy to put a custom embroidered patch on a garment.

wholesale iron on patches in bulk 

Since embroidered elements are simulated with a thread, it is best to not have small and intricate details on an embroidered patch.

If you are unsure if artwork details on your embroidered patch will show up, please feel free to reach out to one of our embroidery experts.

American Patch Emblem company 

If your artwork has a lot of detail or gradients, embroidered patches may not be the best option for you.

Instead we would recommend a sublimated patch which would be a process where we sublimated your design onto the fabric and then continue on to embroidering the edge of the finished patch.

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