best iron on labels : The Ultimate FAQ Guide update 2022

best iron on labels

best iron on labels

Are iron on labels any good?

Looking for a way to personalize your clothing or accessories? Then StickerYou’s custom iron-on labels are for you!

Make iron-on labels for all your clothes including shirts, jackets, socks, pants and more. Our clothing iron-on labels are great for any of your business and personal needs.

As an alternative to bulky name badges, create name iron-on labels to help brand your business by uploading your own company logo and ironing directly onto your shirt at networking events!

You can also upload family photos and names to better organize your belongings.

Make kids iron-on clothing labels so they keep better track of their clothes, and if they do get misplaced, they will be easier to track down.

Personalize your kids’ clothing labels by adding their name, phone number, images of their favorite characters, animals and more!

best iron on labels
best iron on labels

Do iron on labels stay on?

Use for school uniforms, camp trips and sports gear, hats and even socks – everything! 

For more delicate fabrics eg wool or socks, use repeated, short presses of the iron or a piece of baking paper to protect your fabric. 
If these are for baby or toddler clothing, we can make them smaller in length. Just ask in the comment box. Or request a mixture of standard and small in the comment box.  

We print the label the way you write it (i.e. CAPITALS or Upper and Lower Case). 
Please write in the comment box for any special requests eg other fonts. Give us the name of the font you prefer.  

best iron on labels
best iron on labels

What is the best fabric for clothing labels? 

Cotton – Cotton is touted to be one of the most popular and commonly used fabrics when designing clothes labels. The reasons for its wide use are primarily because the material is very soft, labels made from cotton fabric are durable and the material is versatile.

How do I make my own iron on labels?

With a huge selection of bright and bold designs and colours, as well as simple, elegant and understated solutions, we will have something that will match everyone’s unique personality! Find their favourite design combination and label your loved one’s clothing for a bit of added fun and practicality.

best iron on labels
best iron on labels

 What fabric is used for labels?

Iron-on labels are great for variable information, as they can be written on with pen or permanent marker. 

If you’re looking for a way to personalize your clothing or products, our custom iron-on labels are for you! 

What is the difference between print and label?

Use your own images or designs, such as your company logo to help brand your business, or family photos and names to better organize your belongings! You can also personalize kids’ labels by adding their name, phone number, and images of their favourite characters, shapes, and more.

best iron on labels
best iron on labels

What should I use iron-on labels for?

Iron-on labels are great for shirts, socks, pants, jackets, and more! 

Our custom iron-on labels are durable and apply to most fabrics. Not to mention, they’re super easy and fast to transfer in just 30 seconds. 

We recommend using our iron-on labels on clothing that is made up of 100% cotton, 100% polyester, poly-cotton blends, or lycra/spandex fabrics. 

Make custom iron-on labels for clothing and accessories for your business or family. 

printable iron on labels for clothing

How to Apply Iron On Labels for Clothing and Fabrics 
Peel to remove Iron On Clothing Label from backing and place face up on fabric so that text is showing. 
Cover the Iron On Label with supplied parchment paper and iron over with a DRY iron, between a MEDIUM-HOT (cotton) setting. 
Press firmly over the label for 10 seconds. Repeat as needed to ensure the label is firmly applied and not lifting at any edge. 
Allow to cool before use. 

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