Best sale personalized craft tags : The Ultimate FAQ Guide update 2022

personalized craft tags

How do I label handmade products?

Our custom craft labels are made from a wide variety of materials depending on the quality of your brand requirement and its purpose.   The option of  materials of  our bespoke craft labels are woven, paper, cotton printing, and foil raised-up printing.   Cotton label is one of the popular and natural fabric labels made from the fibres of the plant. 

personalized craft tags
personalized craft tags

How do I make a custom tag label?

Woven Labels are the most popular option and standard brand label  for handmade items or branding products; they are high-end quality woven fabric labels; they can be made for any size, shape and colour.  Most importantly the price and lead-time for custom-made woven labels are good for any new start-up entrepreneurs as well. We do a small run  personalised woven fabric labels production.

How do I print craft labels? 

Cotton is one of the most widely used fabrics in the fashion industry and represents close to 50% of all fabric produced worldwide. Cotton is a breathable, light and natural fibre, making it extremely popular with fashion brands around the world.

How do you make homemade tags? 

Natural fibres are a great option if you’re developing a sustainable fashion brand. If you’re looking for suitable labels for your garments, why not consider organic cotton hang tags? A cotton hang tag or cotton swing tag from KSTHL LABELS would be an environmentally friendly and quirky addition to your brand; after all, it’s the details that matter! Browse our collection of organic cotton hang tags today and add flair to your clothing designs.personalized craft tags

handmade tags for crochet

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personalized sticker labels for handmade items 

. Recycled cotton is also a great fabric to opt for, as it is made using post-consumer or post-industrial waste. The production of recycled cotton aims to cut down energy and water consumption and reduce the number of clothes that end up in landfill.personalized craft tags

how to make tags for handmade items 

Organic cotton is an increasingly popular alternative to traditional cotton, as its production process aims to reduce the chemicals and harmful pesticides used to protect not only the planet but the people growing it, too

The Wunderlabel Custom Leather Labels Product Range: Our assortment is vast! From leather labels to faux leather labels to KSTHL labels, we have something for everyone. Check out all the options available to you: 

Leather: These labels are made from 100% cowhide (aside from the color orange which is goat hide). The leather surface is natural and has a matte sheen. 

personalized craft tags
personalized craft tags

how to make tags for handmade items 

Textile labels are small labels usually made of nylon, taffeta or polyester satin, sewn into the interior of a garment so it is not visible when worn. Textile labels are intended to convey important information about the garment to the consumer.

Woven labels are made of 100% polyester threads woven together on a loom to create your text and/or artwork into a piece of material. Even the background of your label is woven threads alongside the logo design.

Labels in general are a great marketing tool. Leather labels in particular lend a very professional look to your products. They also suit a wide range of styles from elegant and chic to casual or rustic. Our custom leather clothing labels can be used for garments, accessories and home goods and are particularly popular with knitters and crocheters.personalized craft tags

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