Best service for iron clothing line labels : The Ultimate FAQ Guide update 2022

iron clothing line labels

iron-on clothing labels canada

We also offer two types of Sew-On clothing tags as well as waterproof and dishwasher safe vinyl stickers and strong durable shoe labels.

 Everything to get all your items personalised and labelled to last. Don’t forget to check out our Value Pack where you can save up to 40%. 

How do I apply my Iron-On Clothing Labels? iron clothing line labels

Peel to remove Clothing Label from backing and place face up on fabric so that text is showing. 
Cover the Iron On Label with supplied parchment paper and iron over with a DRY iron, between a MEDIUM-HOT (cotton) setting, no steam. 
Press firmly over the label for 10 seconds. Repeat as needed to ensure the label is firmly applied and not lifting at any edge. 
Allow to cool before use. 
For best results wait 12 to 24 hours before laundering. 

iron clothing line labels
iron clothing line labels

Can you sew iron on labels?

With our personalised iron-on labels, marking your child’s things.

They can be firmly ironed on in just 12 seconds! No more having to sew labels on; no more endless personalisation with indelible markers; no more dripping ink pads; no more long labels that scratch, tickle or sting…

Instead, create your own iron-on labels to be personalised in a few clicks!

iron clothing line labels
iron clothing line labels

Online Clothes Label Maker

iron clothing line labels
iron clothing line labels

Are iron-on clothing labels good?

It can normally be pressed on again with a hotter iron.

When something doesn’t work as expected people tend to quickly blame the product rather than the way it is applied.

However the iron on labels ARE extremely durable and effective. We have sold millions over the years and customers keep coming back for more.

 What is the difference between Iron-On Clothing Labels and Tag Stick On Clothing Labels?  

Iron-On Clothing Labels are the best choice for tagless clothing and items like socks and towels.

If most of your garments have a care tag, you’ll appreciate how easy our Tag Stick On Clothing Labels are to use, as they peel-and-stick to clothing with no ironing or sewing.

Another easy solution for tagless clothing is our Custom Clothing Stamp.

Why are my Iron-On Clothing Labels falling off in the laundry?

We guarantee that our ironed clothing labels will stick through thick and thin; 

They should blend into the fabric. When this doesn’t happen, it’s usually because the iron wasn’t hot enough the first time the label was applied. 

Try to re-iron them at a higher temperature, without using steam (you may need to remove water from the iron).

best iron on name labels

We know our Name It iron on labels are a little easier to stitch as they have a mixture of cotton and polyester.

We suggest you iron them into place and then put a couple of stitches each end to reinforce if you want to.

iron clothing line labels
iron clothing line labels
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