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What iWhat’s the difference between trademark and brand

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From the definition of brand and brand, brand and trademarks are commercial names and symbols used to identify different types and quality products and services of different producers and operators.Brand and trademark are two concepts that are both different and closely related

Brand is a market concept that is closely related to consumers, covering a broader, more imagination space.

What the brand represents is a consistent commitment to consumers to deliver products and services.

With the help of brand consumers can remember products, enterprise famous brand is the guarantee of product quality differences, reliable enterprise reputation.Consumers will continue to improve the brand trust on the basis of brand loyalty in this psychological drive to produce the purchase behavior of the preferred loyalty brand.

Collection of clothing trademark related meaning description vocabulary

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With the rapid development of economic globalization, brand name translation has become an important link in product marketing and establishing product brand in the international market.

In terms of language use, the uniqueness of the brand name determines the factors that need to be taken into account, such as language conversion, product target consumers, and the cultural and social factors of the target market.

The whole process is complex and dynamic.According to the compliance theory, the process of language use is the dynamic process of the continuous use of the choice of language. Natural language has three characteristics of variability, discussion and compliance.Variability means that language changes across contexts;

discussion means the ability to choose to use language rather than mechanical compliance with the language that people need to meet in the actual situation

Factors affecting fabric contact with itching

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The contact comfort of clothing includes the feel of the fabric, temperature and temperature, itching and viscosity, etc.Contact itch feeling generally refers to the fabric surface of the skin prick pain and light tie, scraping, friction caused by itch comprehensive feeling

Fiber on the fabric surface

The diameter, quantity and protruding length of the fabric surface fiber are the most important factors affecting the fabric contact itching feeling.The skin also stimulates the skin

In recent years, with the increasing improvement of people’s living standards, clothing brands have been diversified to meet different consumer needs.A good clothing brand can improve the grade and taste of the commodity, cause good associations, and leave a deep impression on consumers.Therefore, the brand name plays a very important role.

Classification of trademark belts

The interwoven laws and forms of warp yarn in the machine fabric are called fabric organization.

The organizational structure adopted by the trademark belt is directly related to some of the physical properties of the trademark.The ground organization of the trademark belt, like other machine fabrics, usually uses flat, oblique and satin tissue.The trademark belt can be classified according to the fabric organization, and can be divided into satin trademark, plane trademark and oblique trademark

Satin mark

Ground organization is a trademark band of satin tissue (usually 5 3-fly or 5 2-fly warp satin tissue), which is called a satin trademark.The floor organization of the satin trademark is generally the warp satin grain organization, its front is relatively smooth, the luster is also better, in order to better maintain the loom, the method of reverse weaving is generally used for weaving

The tissue points of the satin tissue are far apart, independent and discontinuous, and are arranged in a certain order, and its warp or latitude yarn forms some separate, disconnected warp or latitude points in the fabric

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Graphic trademark

Ground organization is the trademark belt of flat print organization, called it flat trademark.Since the plane mark is organized as flat lines, the front and back of the bottom are the same, which are more used in some identifying trademarks (such as trademarks commonly known as water washing shipping mark)

Flat grain tissue is also one of the simplest fabric tissue in the fabric organization, its warp and longitude tissue points appear alternately in a 1:1 ratio, from the warp and latitude yarn interwoven

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