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cheap custom woven labels

How do I make my own woven clothing labels?

These thin, flexible printed iron-on clothing labels are a no-nonsense solution to help keep track of your valuable clothes. Keep your child`s clothing out of the lost-and-found pile!
Smooth to the touch. With rounded corners for comfort
With photo, image or up to 3 lines of text
Iron on easily using a household iron
Can be safely washed and dried and will stay on wash after wash
Comes with protective paper and clear iron-on instructions.

How do I make my own clothing labels?

For hang tags, the paper, cloth, or plastic labels that display price and branding information, there is no legal requirement for companies to use them, unless they display other regulated information such as fiber and care. Some retail experts have linked these hangtags to deforestation, waste and climate change.

cheap custom woven labels
cheap custom woven labels

What is woven clothing label?

High definition (damask weaving) woven labels are the most popular high-end garment woven labels quality. It is a high-density polyester weave fabric structure label.   Damask woven labels can achieve the most detailed  woven & texts image; they are soft fabric labels.  This label structure are ideal choice for most clothing labels. The high-definition weaving fabric labels are an excellent way to emphasize your brand product quality and create unique product differentiation.  It helps set your garment business or textile accessories apart from your competitors.

What fabric are clothing labels?

Custom Woven Labels made at KSTHL Labels are all created with a careful damask weave, ensuring the highest standards of quality. By using the damask weave, the labels will be very dense and soft. This provides our customers durable custom-made woven labels for their clothing, ensuring long-term wear.

cheap woven labels

There are woven labels in many of the clothes that are sold commercially, and in recent years, it has also become more popular to make one’s own labels for both large and small creative projects. The woven labels are a kind of “business card”, allowing the manufacturer or artist to show the user who has made the item. When ordering your woven labels from KSTHL Labels, you have ample opportunities to design your labels to match your brand.

personalised woven labels

cheap custom woven labels
cheap custom woven labels

iron on woven labels

woven labels small quantities

custom embroidered labels

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