Best cheap hang tags for clothing : The Ultimate FAQ Guide update 2022

cheap hang tags for clothing

cheap hang tags for clothing

cheap hang tags for clothing
cheap hang tags for clothing

How do you make a hanging tag for clothes?

Hang tags are beneficial for the details that are important to a customer such as sizing, pricing and brand.

 But they are so much more than that in today’s bustling retail industry. Here’s just some of the information you could include: 

Care information – Advises the customer on how to wash their garment and makes your brand feel more credible. 
Material details – This is especially important to environmentally conscious shoppers who want to shop sustainably. 

How do you make a hanging tag for clothes?

The fashion industry is one of the major contributors to pollution in the world. People are quickly becoming more educated about the brands they purchase from and their environmental impact.This includes the sustainability of the fabrics used right down to the material of the hang tag. 

Opting for an eco-friendly alternative such as sustainable papers for hang tags and vegetable inks is a step towards reducing the harmful impact fashion has on the environment. Taking a position on sustainability ensures a place within the ever changing industry. 

cheap hang tags for clothing
cheap hang tags for clothing

How do you attach a price tag to clothing? 

The spotlight is on products and processes that are harmful to the environment and it’s more important than ever to switch to greener alternatives in your branding. That’s why as expert branding specialists,KSTHL strives to create high-quality products that are not only visually appealing – but sustainable too. 

Are hang tags necessary? 

It may sound like a simple question, but hidden challenges await: Many methods of attaching price tags have the potential to damage or discolor clothing. Simple price stickers are an easy option, but rarely cling well to clothing and can be easily switched around to cause confusion.

 So how are clothing shops supposed to price in-store items? 

There are several methods that have been proven effective — here’s the best way to tag clothes safely. 

cheap hang tags for clothing
cheap hang tags for clothing

What are the plastic things that attach tags to clothes called?

 manufactures tags in 12 standard sizes available as is or with 2 or 4 clipped or rounded corners, reinforced holes, with wires or strings attached. Custom sizes and specialty die cut tags are also available.

Many people choose the size of their tag by finding the closest standard size that will accommodate their content.

with 12 standard sizes, we can easily create other sizes or die cut special shapes for your particular needs

hang tag size in inches

Whether you’re showcasing the standout features that are a major selling point for the garment or including important material information, customers will resonate with this and take notice that the design includes these details that are often neglected. Connecting with consumers has never been more important. 

What size is clothing hang tag?

Unique selling points – Differentiate your garment from the rest and flaunt its best attributes. 
A high-quality branded swing tag ensures the customer that the product is of the same standard and adds to its credibility. 

Also, it gives you the space to demonstrate why they should choose your garment over any other brand.

What kind of paper to use for hang tags?

They include coated paper, special paper, Kraft paper, single-faced and double-side paperboard. Insulating and corrugated paper, cardboard, recycled paper, etc are in their scope. Further, paper materials are perfect for garment hangtag

 used for garment hang tag?

We provide custom garment hang tag for fashion brands, and the materials of the hang tags include paper, metal, leather, textile fabric, PVC, rubber, wood. Moreover, the surface effect of hang tags: Gold/Sliver hot-stamping, spot UV, embossing, etc. Besides, you can print, weave, hot-stamping, laser-engrave your logo. And if you what to know what are clothing tags made of, you can view them as follows.

5 material for the garment hang tag

We have various hang tag materials for you. And the common materials for the garment hang tag are as below:

  • Paper material hang tags;
  • Metal material hang tags;
  • Leather material hang tags;
  • Textile material hang tags;
  • PVC plastic material hang tags, rubber, wood. And all kinds of mixed materials are ideal for garment hang tag.

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