Custom cheap patches online for your products–The great ultimate FQA Guide update 2022

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We create custom woven patches with a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colour combinations at affordable prices. You can start from scratch and design your very own woven patch or you can choose one from our collection. We give you 100% freedom on how you want your custom woven patches to look.

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school uniforms are widely disliked and do not popular. Their main disadvantageous are horrible colours, simple design and lack of being original. Now, the school patches can change it. They can still be representative in a positive way. What is more, the children will love it.


In some popular places, a cloth patch may be placed on backpacks, hats, personal clothing or company uniforms to ensure they are displayed.  A piece of cloth can be used to mark an achievement or to show a person’s status in a group, which is often the case with boy and girl Scouts.  In addition, these patches can be a cheap and effective gift for sports teams to give fans on promotional game nights, or used to further support the team during important games.  Members of a club or group can even be given a piece of cloth to further unite the group and make it easier for them to represent an organization. 

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Custom embroidered patches are also great collection items. You can keep track of places you have visited by getting custom patches of your favorite travel destinations. You can also show your support to your favorite artists, Hollywood stars, or even cartoon characters by collecting custom patches of their faces. Your custom embroidered patches can easily be stored and displayed in many ways – on your t-shirts, bags, hats, denims, jackets, and many more.

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Custom woven epaulettes are also called shoulder marks. They’re often seen in different staff uniforms and can signify rank or position within the organization.

Some examples of this would include airline captains, security providers like airport police officers and aviation security officers, law enforcement such as general duty detectives with badges or detective’s badges, and transportation companies such as bus drivers.

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