clipper woven labels : update 2022

clipper woven labels

What is woven labels custom and what is CLIPPER WOVEN LABELS

With the development of the times and the progress of science, labels have been applied to people’s lives.

Enterprises and people have higher and higher requirements for the quantity of labels and the quality of labels. However, the current cutting labels mainly rely on manual cutting with knives. The traditional cutting methods are easy to scratch the desktop, and the operators are easy to be injured, which is low, The cost is high and the cutting quality is uneven, which is very inconvenient to use. The traditional cutting method can not meet the needs of modern production.

clipper woven labels
clipper woven labels

Automatic cutting machine
Automatic cutting machine is suitable for sportswear, knitted clothing, car seats, interior parts and furniture, such as women’s clothing, fashion, uniforms, suits, jeans and so on

What is Characteristics of self-adhesive label cutting machine

  1. Self adhesive cutting machine with high performance integrated control system.
  2. Automatic feeding and automatic cutting, without manual operation, so that the material cutting can be completed at one time.
  3. The self-adhesive cutting machine has high-end transmission systems such as synchronous belt, lead screw and linear guide rail imported from abroad.
  4. The self-adhesive cutting machine is the most ideal model for self-adhesive labels in various printing plants, which is completed at one time from simple material feeding, full and half cutting, die cutting and adsorption.

What is woven handmade labels

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When we first entered the garment accessories industry, the products connected were trademarks.

At that time, everyone was unified and called trademarks (clothing trademark, clothing trademark, pillow case trademark, quilt trademark, pants trademark, etc.).

Later, over a long period of time, some people called different names, and the names of clothing collar trademark, clothing weaving trademark, women’s clothing weaving trademark, weaving trademark, etc. followed, In fact, this is different at different time points. Facing different customer groups, there are regional differences, which are naturally different. They are just the form of a certain time point.

What is designer woven labels

Weaving marks are woven on clothes and trousers, including words, letters and logo patterns.

The marks used by garment factories, garment factories and home textile factories in their production, manufacturing, processing or sales of clothing and home textile to distinguish the sources of clothing and home textile, which are composed of words, graphics, letters, numbers, three-dimensional signs, color combinations, or the combination of the above elements, and have remarkable characteristics, are the products of modern economy.

woven label manufacturers

We are a professional manufacturer of weaving marks. When we weave the required trademarks according to the width at one time, we call them selvage trademarks.

This process avoids many disadvantages of trimming, but the output is low. It is also divided into flat / satin, which is characterized by soft and smooth feel. It is more suitable for high-level clothing products, such as fashion, suits, etc. Japanese manufacturers who pay attention to quality use the most, and the machines are also made in Japan.

The selvedge mark is generally made of satin mark, but the satin background color is difficult to express. Ironing / dyeing and other processes are often used to solve this problem.

The selvage weaving machine generally has a wooden shuttle machine, and the color can not exceed four; There is also a crochet machine, which can also weave the quality of various processes. Even transparent polyester yarn can be added to the warp yarn, which is called fish silk crochet machine.

The cost composition of cloth label is not only related to width, total length of various colors and technology, but also the variety of yarn used. JB series yarn is commonly used internationally

What is square woven labels

What is weaving label? Only in this way can we have a clearer understanding of the topic we are talking about.

From the perspective of phrase composition, “weaving label” is a synthetic word, which can be understood as an abbreviation of “woven label”, and “mark” is often referred to as the oral language of “trademark”, which was first translated into “mark” in English “As the weaving Mark has become the next independent sub industry of the textile industry for a short time, the industry does not have an authoritative and standard term explanation for it.

Now let’s disassemble the keyword “trimming plane weaving Mark”, which is the product obtained according to the classification. Weaving Mark is mainly divided into weaving Mark and trimming according to the process. In this process, we chose trimming weaving Mark.

When the required trademark is woven according to the width at one time, it is called selvage trademark. This process avoids many disadvantages of trimming, but the output is low. As the name suggests, on a special high-speed machine, it is woven as a whole, and then cut into strips according to the target width. Because of the thermal melting characteristics of polyester, the yarn will stick to each other and will not loose edges when cutting. It is also for this reason that the appearance and feel will be affected to some extent. A good machine will be better. Ultrasonic cutting is better than ordinary electric knife.

How to learn weaving is a more efficient method

Many sisters and knitting lovers often talk to me about this type of problem: “I have studied weaving for several years, but my progress is not as fast as expected.

If I want to work with the fashion group, I can basically complete the work, and if I want to work with basic clothes, I can also complete it.

However, if I really want to design and create a special work independently, I can’t always transform my own style and style into a work. What is missing to learn? What is it Learning to weave is a more efficient method? “

Here, we will specify the scope of discussion in “manual knitting” and “household knitting machine”. Basic knowledge reserve is the consolidation of basic knowledge.

I remember a sister said to me, “I don’t have any knitting experience. I want to learn knitting machines. How long can I learn?” this question can’t be answered with time as a node. This question mainly reflects the current situation that there is no reserve of basic knowledge, so we must first solve the reserve of basic knowledge.

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