Your trusted clothing brand label makers-The ultimate FQA Guide update 2022

clothing brand label makers

How do I make my own clothing labels?-clothing brand label makers

Use our design tool to design your own, unique and custom woven clothing label. You decide what the label looks like, from its color to the shape and font, to the frame. With a unique, custom woven clothing label, you tell the world that you are the creator of the garment or product and give your creation the credit it deserves. Looking for high quality woven labels near me? Order your custom woven labels online now. You can order your custom made organic woven labels in small quantities or large quantities.

clothing brand label makers
clothing brand label makers

Where can I get clothing labels made?-clothing brand label makers

Regardless of whether you want fabric labels with name, text or logo, we are ready to help you. We customise  Fabric labels in woven, silicone, leather or metallic – but if you only need a few labels, you can also find a solution that suits your needs.

If you are the owner of a sustainable brand, our organic cotton labels are the perfect solution for you.

Would you like to add a nice finish to your home-made clothes? Put a fabric label in the clothes.

What type of label is used for clothing?-clothing brand label makers

The quality of our standard stock is nylon, as seen in the picture to the left (white). They may feel a bit stiff, like many ordinary washing instructions.

If you are looking for attractive, soft washing instructions, you should choose satin washing instructions. They must be mid-folded and sewn on both sides, otherwise the soft satin will fray.

clothing brand label makers
Your trusted clothing brand label makers-The ultimate FQA Guide update 2022 3

How do you put names on clothes?

We provide soft and lightweight fabric labels for children’s clothing. Our designer woven labels are totally customized to personalised design artwork. The bespoke childrenswear labels that we produce are the most soft fabric labels, woven with beautiful bright, vivid colours threads. The method of silicone heat transfer is environmentally friendly. It can stretch and contour and is very crack resistant, it’s also water and wash resistant. Our silicone transfer labels can be printed on to woven labels, cotton labels and PU labels, depending on your needs.

clothing label maker online

All of our cotton labels are of the highest quality and come from ethically sourced cotton. We use quality dyes, manufacturing processes and finishing to ensure that the resulting labels are as eye-catching and high quality as the piece of clothing they sit within.

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Looking for School Name Labels? Among some of the products below you will find our woven sew on name tapes. These are the finest quality woven name tapes that are the traditional way of labeling children’s school clothing. Our Iron-on labels take just 10 seconds to apply, and last the life of the garment! Just Stick Name Labels attach to the existing care label and withstand washing and drying! Large Sports tags are particularly popular for games and PE Kits with many schools insisting on this type of identification label.

Woven label

Please note: If you require name labels quickly, please view our Printed Name Labels or Satin Iron-on Labels which we can print and dispatch in the same or next business day. Woven Labels can take 2+ weeks for manufacturing and delivery.

Woven sew in name tapes are the traditional, long lasting method of identifying clothing.

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We might be biased, but we think a logo design contest is the best way to get a logo. To make sure your design comes out perfectly, the first rule of working with your designer is to communicate clearly. Writing a clear creative brief is your chance to make your designer understand who you are and what you need. Make sure to give them as much information about your company and style as you can, so they can create something unique for you.

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