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custom clothing tags uk

How do I make my own clothing tag?

From design to support to delivery, we aim to exceed every expectation. We ship all over the UK, from London to Edinburgh. Oh, and we also ship globally by the way.

The unique advantage from Perfect labels-Lanyards is that we are both supplier and manufacturer which enables us to provide a flexible manufacturing service and competitive price to our brand customers. Apart from the great advantage of full detail personalised services in manufacturing your brand quality products, we also offer a quick turnaround delivery to allow our customers to gain the precious timing to launch efficiently and effectively new products to their target market.

custom clothing tags uk
custom clothing tags uk

How do I create a clothing brand label?

We are able to weave different textile styles and  create completely customised textile labels to suit your branding products. This includes professional finishing with custom fabric designs and  brand logos attached. The unique advantage working with us  is that we are both supplier and manufacturer which enables us to provide a flexible manufacturing service and competitive price to our customers.

What is the brand tag on clothes called?

We are able to produce a wide variety of clothing fabric labels with adhesive-backing. This including woven fabric labels, and rubber labels with adhesive backing  to suit a wide variety of design specifications, budgets and time frames. Our woven fabric adhesive labels can be designed to fit around your company logo or business requirements; for example the laser-cut shape, style, size and colour are all completely customisable to your needs. Our custom woven fabric adhesive label is the perfect way to showcase your brand at its best.

custom clothing tags uk
custom clothing tags uk

What are clothing tags made of?

We cater for a wide range of customers, from those wanting thousands of labels for designer garments to those who just want a few for labelling their craft or sewing projects. Whether you are an individual designer, an established brand or a home crafter we can provide the finishing touch for your products and add that extra bit of individuality.

sew on clothing labels uk

We make 2 types of fabric labels: custom labels printed on satin or nylon and woven labels (Digital embroidered). Although we offer extraordinarily good prices for both types of textile labels, the difference between them is felt in price and in terms of use. Usually for customizing textile products these custom labels are used in combination: as Brand or name labels are used woven labels and as laundry care labels are used printed fabric labels.

custom clothing tags uk
custom clothing tags uk

sew in labels uk

The main advantage of woven labels with woven text and design,over printed labels, is they do not fade in the wash. They also look richer, adding value to your product.

Several types of woven fabric labels are available as a means of promotion, information, and identification on garments and other textile products. It is important for best effect to choose the most appropriate clothing label for your application. Never underestimate their importance as they carry your brand image, and must clearly show changing fashion trends. Remember your label is akin to your signature.

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Our team want every single one of our customers to be delighted with their order, not just satisfied. We take great pride in the work we do at KSTHL. We’re so confident that you’ll love your custom hang tags, we promise to reprint your order or offer you a full refund if we don’t stick by our high standards.

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