Custom damask woven labels–The great ultimate FQA Guide update 2022

Custom damask woven labels

How to choose them from a practical point of view?

First of all, we should be clear about the scope of use of custom woven labels and printed labels and under what circumstances to use them.  Custom woven label includes main label, number label and washing label, etc.  Of course, these can also be used as printed labels, depending on the effect and design you want.  If you need better effects such as portrait, then I suggest you customize the print label.  

Secondly, it is recommended that clothing brands choose woven labels.  More children’s wear and women’s wear brands will choose printed labels.  Because children’s clothing has a short life cycle.  Therefore, the label with relatively low color fastness is more cost-effective.  If it’s a suit brand, choose custom woven labels.  Because they have more texture.  Not easy to wear, high color fastness. 

Custom damask woven labels
Custom damask woven labels

What is a damask woven label?

The industry standard for tatting apparel labels is standard brocade (100 denier brocade), and approximately 80% of tatting labels in the apparel and apparel industry use standard brocade.  This thread is thicker than the 50 denier satin used for high-density woven labels, which should be a consideration if you have fine details or artwork in your logo or company name.  If your label calls for fine lines or details, you’re better off with high-densit. 

Custom damask woven labels
Custom damask woven labels

What is a taffeta labels?

A woven clothing label will last longer than a printed clothing label or an iron on heat transfer. While these two products are great, they do tend to fade and crack after multiple wash and dry cycles. However, a woven clothing label will last as long as the garment. We are often asked to offer pricing comparisons on our woven clothing labels against our printed clothing labels. It is very difficult to compare pricing on these two because there are so many factors that dictate the price like overall size, quantity, colors and fabric type.

What is woven clothing label?

We are manufacturers of all types on clothing labels. We make labels which go onto T-Shirts, Dresses, Hats, Jackets… You name it and we’ll make the label! We handle the finer details of your project, so if you need a softer label for children’s wear, or a hard wearing label for the great outdoors, our expert team will make sure you get exactly what you need.

Custom damask woven labels
Custom damask woven labels

How many types of garment labels are there?

Woven label is using board loom, through the warp, weft expression of text, graphics, letters, Numbers, three-dimensional logo, color combination woven out, with high-end, firm, bright lines, soft feel, and other characteristics.

Garment label

The label is an important part of a garment. A label is more than just a piece of fabric, which directly communicates with the customer. It’s something like that drawing the full attention of the customer. Also describes what the product quality actually is. Based on the label, the customer decides whether he/ she buys the garments or not. So, a label has great importance in selling the garment. This article has presented various types of labels used in garments.

Woven label

Damask woven label is one of the computerized woven labels. It is a high-quality woven label; the threads are thinnest which can show fine details.Woven label is sew on the clothes, pants, including text, letters, LOGO patterns of the cloth label. In the production, manufacture, processing or sale of garments and home textiles by clothing factories, garment factories or home textile factories, marks with distinctive features used to distinguish the sources of garments and home textiles are the products of the modern economy.

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