Custom embroidered patches australia–The great ultimate FQA Guide update 2022

custom embroidered patches australia

How much does it cost to make embroidered patches?

Members of your social club, sports team or other organization may also want to discover the fun of patches.Anyone can learn how to patch jackets and decorate uniforms, bags and jackets.American Patch can produce decorative patches from your original design.Just send us your designs.We can customize decorative patches in almost any shape and size.

Can you make your own embroidery patches?

Custom iron on patches are perfect for people who are looking for an easy way to apply their patches. With our special heat-activated backing, all you’ll need to attach your patches is an iron (although a heat press is recommended.) These embroidered patches can be made in nearly any shape or size. They’re perfect for Scouts, sports uniforms, your business logo, or simply to mend clothing.

How do you make your own embroidery patches?

Biker patches are patches worn on the vests of members of motorcycle clubs to showcase their membership. These patches are often worn at the back of their vest and are full of meaning and tradition. Most motorcycle club uses customized biker patches with different designs and meanings. But ready-to-use biker patches are also available in patches shops. Motorcycle clubs are diverse and include clubs for police officers, veterans, firefighters, families, and others.

Can you make your own velcro on patches?

When you have multiple patches that need to be replaced frequently, Velcro backing is your best bet. Velcro backing has a hook and loop on two sides. The hook side will sew on the patch backside, and the loop side will sew on the hats, which allow patches to be removed fastest as needed in the field deployment.

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Custom embroidered patches make it easy to add your own customised design to any article of clothing regardless of the fabric, size or shape. We offer many different styles and colour options so that you can find the right options for you needs.

We can also incorporate your logo or a custom design of your choice to create great looking custom patches that will meet your exact specifications. All embroidery is undertaken in house by our experienced operators, including the digitising of your artwork ensuring you of quality and quick order turnaround.

custom printed patches australia

Whether you know them as an Embroidery Patch, Embroided Patch or an Embroidered Patch we’ve got the right patch for you! 

Both Iron on backing or plain backing available.


Pricing does depend on:
•The size of the patch
•Quantity Required
•The amount of embroidery required on the patch. (Percentage of thread cover)
•Number of colours required

custom embroidered patches no minimum australia

custom embroidered patches australia
custom embroidered patches australia

custom leather patches australia

custom embroidered patches australia
custom embroidered patches australia

custom velcro patches australia

custom embroidered patches australia
custom embroidered patches australia
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