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The appearance of embroidery badge, beneficial to many clothing styles, but not up to the production of the MOQ brought by the trouble, in the aspect of transportation without the whole batch of clothing cutting transport to the factory processing, also greatly save the cost of freight.  The embroidery range of embroidery seal is divided into three types, 50% embroidery, 75% embroidery and 100% embroidery.  What’s the difference? Do you know? 

50% of the embroidery patches

The embroidery seal is woven on a base. 50% embroidery means that the embroidery covers 50% or less of the surface area of the base.  0% of embroidery patches are used for plain text designs, such as brand name patches.  There’s plenty of room to present your message and keep the patch simple, classic and clean. 

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75% of the embroidery patches

75% embroidery refers to embroidery with more than 50% of the surface area.  The 75% embroidery patch allows for larger and central embroidery design elements.  The embroidery area highlights the height difference between the substrate and the pattern. 

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100% of the embroidery patches

100% embroidered patch is the highest quality patch, the entire custom embroidered seal does not contain visible diagonal stripe base cloth.  100% embroidered patch is a patch of yarn covering all twill, which is loved by buyers for its excellent quality and appearance.  100% embroidery is suitable for complex designs and more colorful patterns.  Stitch depth and high linear density help to give a high perceived value. 

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The cost of custom embroidery patches 

The cost of each embroidery overlay is different, and the higher the coverage, the higher the cost. 

The base cloth fabric of embroidery patches

Embroidery chapter of the bottom cloth can choose multicolor mixed twill or felt, such coverage of small embroidery chapter whole looks more beautiful, more can foil the whole design.  Of course, if you choose 100% embroidery, the choice of fabric is not important. 

If your custom patch is 75% or 50% embroidery, the choice of base cloth should be appropriate to the design style. 

So if you think 100% patches are too expensive, 75% and 50% patches are a good choice. 

Under normal circumstances, the base cloth is only the background color, all logo, text are embroidery. 

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The size of the embroidery patches

The size of the embroidery seal can also affect the price. If you have a large design and want to save money, 75% embroidery and 50% embroidery are your first choice.  Also, if you have too many colors, you can control your costs by choosing smaller embroidery surfaces.   

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