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custom embroidery patches wholesale

How much does it cost to get a custom patch made?

Creating and designing personalised woven patches have always been fun, but with the help of our highly skilled team, these tasks have also become easy. No matter how complex your designs are, we are confident that we can transfer the design into your patches.

How much should I charge for an embroidered patches?

CLOTH PATCHES ARE MADE FROM HIGH QUALITY DYED COTTON, and they may be either woven or embroidered to create a brand design. While nearly any desired artwork can be made into a cloth patch, the issue sometimes arises with the level of detail able to be cleanly shown. A woven patch will typically allow for the greatest amount of detail within a product Nearly any desired design can be used to create a completely custom woven or embroidered cloth patch. The artwork used in designing these patches is digitised, and in order to most closely match the design, high quality cotton colours are used to add to the vibrancy.

Can you make your own embroidery patches?

Woven epaulettes are an easy way to add some pizzazz to your outfit or uniform.

Enjoy adding style with a new accessory or uniform embellishment that no one else will have! These are an easy addition for anyone looking to upgrade their look quickly and easily – with just the click of a button you’re set, giving everyone around you something awesome to stare at (or envy).

Are patches cheaper than embroidery?

Our range of designer embroidered badges is strictly designed in specification provided by our clients. We use only best quality threads to craft these high quality embroidery badges thus providing them durability. Our team of designers are updated with the new designs thus making our designs top of the market.

iron on patch wholesale

Like many industries in today’s society, the embroidery industry is facing a significant challenge: How to produce high-quality products without driving up the cost? One solution in the textile and fashion industry that has been gaining popularity is wholesale custom embroidered patches. These bulk custom patches provide customers with top-notch quality at an affordable price and quickly become the go-to option for embroidered goods.

wholesale designer patches

KSTHL Labels offer custom embroidered patches as well as woven patches which can either be sewn on or applied via a heatpress. Our wholesale woven patches can display a detailed design with a lightweight backing for a finer touch. Embroidered patches can handle simpler designs, and the end result is sturdy, durable, and will enhance your custom printed apparel. We can take care of these and any other applications you can think of for custom patches, we can help you process and order as many as you need. Our process involves continually working with you at every step to make sure the end result is something you can be proud of.

custom embroidered patches

Make your own personalized patches for jackets, jeans, shirts and more here.  We made the whole process extremely simple!We are a patch company offering custom designs at wholesale prices.Just submit your design sketches or suggestions using our system and our professional designers will get the job of turning your design dreams into reality.Bright colors, quality materials, our patches are sure to catch the eye and help you stand out.Create your own fashion designs.

custom patches wholesale

custom embroidery patches wholesale
custom embroidery patches wholesale

wholesale sew on patches

custom embroidery patches wholesale
custom embroidery patches wholesale

wholesale biker patches

custom embroidery patches wholesale
custom embroidery patches wholesale

bulk patches for jackets

custom embroidery patches wholesale
custom embroidery patches wholesale
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