Custom hem labels & t-shirt labels FAQ

Adding labels to clothes is nothing more than a way to create an impression.  Brand labels, in particular, can create added value for you.  And the production of labels, we are professional. 

Do you need shirt labels?  Hopefully this article will give you the answer. 

What are hem labels

Hem tags are basically labels sewn onto the hem of shirts, sweatshirts, and other clothing.  You can put it on your hem, hem, or sleeve.Also known as “tabby” or “flag,” they’re folded in the middle to form a little tag, and then you sew the open end into the hem. 

What are T -shirt labels

T-shirt Label Design manufacturer Outdoor clothing brand labels are an important part of your product.Labels help boost your business and make your products stand out.  Details such as material, type, size, color, folding, design, and location should be considered when deciding what type of label you should use. 

Custom hem tags & T -shirt tags 

The tags can be placed anywhere you want, at the cuff, back, hem or front of the shirt.  Woven hem tags and shirt tags have also become a trend, and no piece of clothing is complete without labels.  If a brand has a customized label, consumers can recognize the brand at a glance even though the label does not have the brand name on it.  This is the brand effect of the label, more creative. 

The practice of adding customized labels to products is proactive and a reliable and effective way to promote brands.  Not only for your product design to increase the professional, special, but also to increase the brand awareness on the basis of increasing its beauty. 

What do you need on the hem label & T -shirt label? 

The content of the design is up to you.  It can be a simple logo, the name of the brand, or any information you want to include, such as fabric information, wash logo, company website, etc. 

Look at the labels of those big brands, simple and easy to identify.  They don’t need anything, you can just read the label and know the brand.  Similarly, this is also suitable for any small and medium-sized enterprises, the design of creative fusion in your product characteristics, brand image. 

What type of hem tags & T -shirt tags are needed? 

First, it takes into account the company’s image, the style of the product and the message it wants to convey to consumers. 

Second, it is the seat and function of sewing, after all, you can not add the same content on a garment more than one tag.  Some are main, some are number, some are washed, some are decorative. 

Hem label & T -shirt label precise consumer groups 

Every brand has its own characteristics, and it is important for custom clothing labels to be designed to match the product’s style and target audience.  This is the first step in creating an identity for your brand with your custom printed labels. 

Different brands naturally need to be built in different ways.  Different consumer groups, different product properties, natural selection of materials to be different.  Targeted research and development products can improve the durability of products, in order to get the favor of consumers. 

For example, children’s products should choose soft materials that do not irritate the skin.  Outdoor products need waterproof and wear-resistant materials and so on. 

The role of hem labels & T -shirt labels 

Many brands in the market will have labels, the trend is very clear. 

Custom hem label & shirt label is an effective way of promotion.  For your T-shirt line, it’s definitely worth the investment.  Success is about the little things that can make your product’s value soar. 

Hem Tags & T -shirt Tags Gallery 

This is the product of our hem label & shirt label 

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Custom hem labels & t-shirt labels FAQ 2

Should t-shirts have hem tags & T -shirt tags? 

The simple answer to that question is yes.  It’s a good idea to customize your T-shirt with your own brand and label design.  The clothing industry is a very competitive industry, in order to stand out in the clothing industry, custom labels are very important.  As you walk around the market, you can see that almost all the clothes have their custom hem tags & shirt tags. 

Customizing your T-shirt with your own brand and label design is a good idea for many reasons. 

First of all, the T-shirt business is a very competitive industry. 

With so much competition, it’s important to find a way to stand out from other designers. 

If you go into almost any retailer that sells specialty T-shirts, you’ll find that they all have custom tags and/or hem tags. 

Usually the woven label covers most of the information, and the hem label just shows your logo. 

Any new “upcoming” product line should take its concept home with customised branding and customised labelling.  The cost is nominal when it comes to all the extra benefits a custom brand offers. 

Adding a label to a blank shirt can be as simple as removing the manufacturer’s label and then sewing your shirt in the same place. 

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