TOP custom iron on labels for clothing : update 2022

custom iron on labels for clothing

What is The advantages of marking are:

custom iron on labels for clothing
custom iron on labels for clothing
  1. Because it adopts printing, its color is rich, full, gorgeous, high definition, and the product is more fashionable;
  2. High production efficiency. Because its production method is similar to that of weaving, the output of weaving Mark is not as high as that of printing mark, but it is washable and not easy to fade, and the product is relatively high-grade.

What are the types of printing marks

There are two common materials for printing marks, one is ribbon and the other is coating.

Ribbon is relatively expensive and coating is cheaper. The washing mark is generally made of ribbon or non-woven fabric. The difference is that the ribbon is best folded in half, otherwise it is easy to have burrs after cutting. The washing mark of non-woven fabric printing can not be folded in half, and it is more natural after cutting.

What is the role of clothing trademarks

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TOP custom iron on labels for clothing : update 2022 3

Clothing trademarks mainly have the functions of distinction and identification, quality supervision, guiding consumption and advertising.

The production units of clothing are distinguished by trademarks to investigate the quality of clothing. The role of identification is to understand the composition, model and use method of clothing raw materials. The role of quality supervision can be divided into legal supervision and enterprise’s own supervision.

According to the provisions of China’s trademark law, “the user of a trademark shall be responsible for the quality of the trademark used.” if consumers buy low-quality clothing, they can complain to the consumer association according to the content marked by the trademark, which is the supervisory role of the law.

The reputation of clothing trademark is closely related to clothing quality. The emergence of famous brand trademark is the result of garment production enterprises adhering to their own quality supervision for many years. Trademarks also play a role in guiding consumption and advertising.

Generally speaking, consumers are willing to buy clothes with good quality and high trademark popularity. Clothing trademarks with reputation in the market can expand the influence of trademarks and promote consumers’ purchase, so as to guide consumption.

Advertising is an effective method for enterprises to publicize product quality, and advertising is organically linked with clothing trademarks. Through the publicity of various media, let consumers know the trademark, so as to expand the sales of the enterprise’s clothing.

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