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custom iron on labels uk

How do I make my own iron on labels?-custom iron on labels uk

Will iron-on labels work on masks?

They will! We have tested a variety of cloth mask materials and they all stick strong. Just make sure to measure the size in the space you’re looking for to make sure they won’t be too big for the mask. It will add a unique, personal touch to your mask!

custom iron on labels uk-
custom iron on labels uk-

Do iron on labels stay on?-custom iron on labels uk

What’s the smallest iron-on label I can make?

If you use our template pages from the blue Make Iron-on Labels button above, we have a few standard label templates- 2”x2”, 2.5”x0.75”, 1”x1”, and 1.5”x1.5”. If those sizes aren’t what you’re looking for, don’t worry! You can still create your labels at the size you want down to the 0.1”. If you go to the KSTHL link at the top of this page, and follow the path to our editor for iron-on labels, you can adjust the size as you need.

custom iron on labels uk
custom iron on labels uk

Are iron on labels any good?-custom iron on labels uk

Our hang tags are printed on 300 gsm paper which means they feel substantial and sturdy in your hand. Digital printing provides crisp vibrant colours and sharp images and text. They are individually cut and include a punched hole for hanging. Optional cords and ribbons are available. Please note: hang tags without the optional matte lamination have a glossy finish (lamination film is not applied).

How do you print an iron-on logo?-custom iron on labels uk

Use our high-quality iron on name labels to identify clothing. They are especially suitable for children’s clothing and school uniforms. Labelling is super easy to do and essential if your child attends a nursery or school.  Make sure your children’s clothing is named to avoid having to replace garments. You stand a better chance of having items returned when they are clearly named..

custom iron on labels uk
custom iron on labels uk

iron-on labels for clothing uk-custom iron on labels uk

How to Apply

Preheat the iron for a couple of minutes at the medium setting, usually linen or cotton.

Turn the clothing inside out and choose the area you wish to put the label.

Remove the label from the backing sheet, it’s important to peel from a side and not a corner.

Place the label with the print area facing up on the area you want.

Put the non-stick paper ( usually with the label) on the entire label.

Put the iron on top of the label and press down very firmly and quickly for about 10 seconds. You must not move or hover the iron around.

Allow the clothing to cool down. Check if you can feel the edges of the label. If you can, repeat the steps.

Wait for at least 3 hours after application before washing.

iron on stickers for clothes uk-custom iron on labels uk

Embroidered Clothing and Personalisation

KSTHL has built up a 1st class reputation for providing a high quality and efficient embroidery and printing service to its customers, with many coming back time after time with repeat orders.

custom iron on labels for clothing

Noise does not have to be extremely loud to have consequences to workers in the workplace. Hazards for workers can include an increased risk of accidents due to warnings not being heard and increased prevalence of work-related stress.

custom iron on transfers uk

We have a vast array of print products and marketing solutions available to boost the image of your organisation and catch the eye of your customers.

We encourage all customers to contact us by telephone first and foremost as this enables us to quote with our most up to date pricing including offers and discounts to ensure you get our very best price.

iron on clothing labels

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