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At the end of the 10th century, when the seller’s market became a buyer’s market, the clothing industry faced unprecedented challenges in the fierce market competition.One of the links between consumers and goods is the trademarks or brand signs on the goods.

The clothing made of the same fabric, if you do not look at its trademark, it is very difficult to evaluate its market price, the well-known trademark and the general trademark, its price is also very different.

Therefore, the operators and designers of clothing goods should attach great importance to every link of clothing design, which also includes the trademark of clothing and hanging tag design

Main functions of trademark and tags

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Clothing design is an art of time and space, trademark, tag have become an integral part of its overall design,’the main functions of white have

With the function of commodity distinction and brand recognition.The trademark has the right to exclusive use, is protected by state laws, and is not allowed to infringe or damage others

It can encourage registered users to ensure the quality of goods and consciously safeguard the reputation of trademarks, protect the interests of consumers, and guide shopping.

Only, it is a certain artistic decoration, can publicize and beautify the goods, enhance the market competition ability of the goods

Basic elements of sling design

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First, the design should be simple and clear.Due to the area of area, the design should be concise, unique, strong visual impact.

The picture is messy, too much to express, the effect often backfire.Second, material selection should pay attention to functionality.

The trademark of the jacket is generally located on the inside of the collar, and is in direct contact with people’s neck, so soft and smooth materials should be selected.Also should also choose the material of the trademark according to the grade of clothing.

The selection of trademark materials is too high-grade, so that the cost is too high and too low grade, which will cause the consequences of reducing the value of clothing.III.

Design and planning series.Modern trademark, tag design planning and packaging, advertising, and even envelope, letter paper, business card design together, color, text, pattern, decorative techniques remain consistent, to make the style unified and increase the rendering power of the trademark.IV. Pay attention to relevant decrees and regional taboos.

Article 8 of the General Provisions of the Trademark Law of China stipulates nine words and graphics that shall not be registered, and well-known trademarks are not allowed to use without registration.In addition, trademark design should consider the needs of export sales, and some countries and regions stipulate that “words containing universal geographical meaning” will not be registered.For example, the “Beijing” brand, the “Shanghai” brand can not be registered in these areas, as the designer must be well aware of these limiting factors.

Five. Design according to consumer psychology.Different countries, different regions, people have a different understanding of the same things

Where is the trademark of clothing

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For a long time, the trademark of clothing has been nailed to the clothing after weaving. The seam of the trademark is usually in the back collar of the jacket and the back of the bottom. There are also a few hats that directly embroider the trademark pattern to the cap, but they must nail a woven mark trademark inside the hat at the same time.So far, no company has printed its trademarks directly on clothing.

Advantages and disadvantages of weaving trademark

Common clothing trademarks in domestic and foreign markets, including clothing, shoes and hats, bags and other trademarks. At present, enterprises mainly commonly used pure cotton weaving marks and polyester weaving marks.Cotton logo is made of cotton yarn, trademark pattern is printing; polyester logo pattern is made of various color wire, gold and silver silk jacquard weaving.Advantages of weaving trademark: rich in color.

1) From the production of trademarks in the weaving factory to sewing to clothing, it need to order yarn, dyeing, weaving, printing, packaging, transportation, cutting, hot mark, seam marking and other steps and processes, etc. The production cycle is long and the cost is relatively high.

2) Weaving trademark is sewn with sewing lines to the clothing, it is easy to cause dismantling and cutting marks, but also easy to cause trademark counterfeiting, counterfeiting and reverse counterfeiting

How long has laser been used in the field of textile and garment

Laser has been used in textile and clothing for several years, but mostly stays on cutting or cutting garment pieces.The method of making trademarks directly on denim garment is more suitable for professional denim garment manufacturers, which can save the cycle and cost of weaving the trademark, but also is more conducive to trademark protection and bring more comfort to consumers’ wear

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