Custom labels for shoes

Custom labels for shoes

From running shoes, high heels, construction boots, glass slippers, whatever footwear, KSTHL has a perfect label to fit your shoes! Perfect for kids shoes, you can make a set of labels for each pair and you can even use labels to help them learn. It can be designed using their first or last name, it can also include patterns of their favorite characters or interesting designs, and help ensure that they can find their shoes among the many shoes when playing outside. While shoe labels are good for kids, they are also practical for adults. If you want to leave your shoes at the office and wear more comfortable ones home, label them so they don’t misplace them.

At KSTHL, you can create labels for each member of the family on the same label using a classic self-adhesive maker. If you have a specific size and you need the shoes to fit, there’s no problem with our custom labels! All you have to do is measure your shoes and make your labels match.

Personalized children’s shoe labels save time

We all know how easy it is (for some reason) to lose your shoes at the playground, on a field trip, or on a school hike. Our shoe tags will keep us from rummaging through the lost and found office looking for an elusive partner. Customizable shoe labels make shoes and boots easy to identify and easy to return. We also have super cute left and right designs to help young kids know which shoe to wear which foot.

KSTHL’s shoe labels

KSTHL’sshoe labels are ideal, allowing children to easily identify their shoes. The pin tag sticks to the inside of the sole and stays there forever. The label coat makes them very comfortable and prevents small feet from becoming uncomfortable.

Customize your children’s shoes label

Customize your children’s shoes label with your favorite color or pattern. Lots of patterned backgrounds to choose from! KSTHL’s shoe tags so your kids will avoid shoe confusion and their shoes will always go home! KSTHL’s shoe tags are also good for tagging sneakers, boots, skates, flip-flops, or any type of shoe with a smooth insole.

labels for shoes
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