Custom leather keychain

Keychain manufacturers always design some beautiful leather styles as decoration, because a single keychain is too monotonous, and the keychain is small, it is not convenient to see in the bag. And increased a leather puller, increased the volume, the keychain is more obvious. 

Leather keychain in addition to keychain manufacturers for products tailored.Many manufacturers in other industries also make custom leather keychains, which they give away as a gift.Leather label puller content for the company’s trademark and advertising language. 

Custom leather keychians are an attractive way to reward customer loyalty or generate brand awareness.Associating a logo or name with high quality leather giveaways is a sophisticated yet cost-effective marketing strategy ideal for building long-term business relationships. 

Custom leather car keychain 

Custom leather keychain
Custom leather keychain 6

Personalized patterned leather keychain 

Custom leather keychain 2 1
Custom leather keychain 7

Custom name leather keychain 

Custom leather keychain 3
Custom leather keychain 8

Custom logo leather keychain 

Custom leather keychain 4
Custom leather keychain 9

Custom carved leather keychain 

Custom leather keychain 5
Custom leather keychain 10

We offer the possibility of adding some design changes in the same order.This means you can make for example 3 different custom embossed leather keychains using the same logo but unique color combinations. 

Why use custom leather keychain to promote your brand? 

Today, in the age of digital marketing, marketers and product owners tend to forget the high appeal of physical products. 

Even if it makes sense to invest less in billboards, flyers and banner ads and more in digital advertising, there’s no substitute for useful promotional gifts. 

Among the many customized gifts, the key chain is the popular choice because of its practicality.There are thousands of impressions that people make with a keychain wherever they take it. 

What kind of custom keychain should you choose? 

It depends on your audience.Keychain can be made from different materials, each tailored to a different target audience.Leather keychains are a favorite of lawn movers, cowboys, rodeo fans, elegant businessmen, lawyers, craft beer consumers, and many others. 

Is the leather keychain made of animal skin? 

There are real leather and fake leather.If the leather keychain is only for promotional purposes, there is no need to use real leather.Using genuine leather is not only bad for animal welfare but also expensive.In promotional activities, the cost performance is not high. 

What is the choice of leather keychain? 

Our advanced personalized leather keychains can be embossed, laser engraved, embossed or decompressed.In addition, you can choose to add metal on it. 

What’s a custom leather keychain for? 

You can use them as a giveaway, souvenir or party gift, or even as part of an employee recognition program.Either way, our impressive leather keychains will have an amazing effect on your customers. 

The advantages of custom leather keychain 

1.Break through touch and combine with aesthetics 

2.All protective car keys, comfortable soft feel.  Let the key no longer wear and tear 

3.Not hot in summer, not cold in winter 

4.High quality leather keychains made as gifts are even more high-end 

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