Custom leather patch and label

Custom leather patches and labels can give the product a high quality look.They are mainly used for the waistband of jeans, the trim of jackets, the edge of hats, travel bags and backpacks, and other textiles. 

Leather patches and labels are completely custom made, embossed and embossed are features of leather products, and can even be filled in specific areas with the color you want.To highlight your logo or message and give your brand a unique look. 

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What are the materials of the leather patch and label? 

Leather label material usually has the following types: genuine leather brand, such as sheepskin brand, cowhide brand, pigskin brand, gold/silver leather brand, super 

Microfiber, canvas, horsehair, PVC, TPU and so on, but in different materials will give the LOGO or their company brand LOGO can be expressed. 

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The technology of leather patch and label? 

The process of leather brand is generally hot pressing (high temperature timing), hot pressing, voltage (high frequency), screen printing, laser, car line, embroidery, playing hardware…  Wait a moment, basically be the design requirement that sees stylist, the theme that wants to express according to stylist will produce reflect come out, different theme coacts different material to want different craft to reflect naturally, pay attention to quite much 

Different industries have different products, can not despise any product, its existence must have its unique charm, must have its importance and uniqueness and irreplaceable. 

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Custom leather patch and label

Patches and labels suitable for product promotions can be added to any item. 

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The backing of leather patch and label

Leather patches and labels are not just available through sewing.  The back process is the same as the woven chapter and embroidered chapter, which can be made iron on/paper on/adhesive on. 

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Where can I use leather patch and label? 


Leather labels are usually sewn into the back of jeans.  There are large and small sizes. The large leather logo is usually the company logo, and the small leather logo is usually the company name.  It’s not just jeans. Leather labels are also used in denim jackets. 


A leather logo used on a jacket, usually with the company name or logo on the chest.  The jacket has plenty of room for leather, and the lapels, front pockets, shoulders and cuffs can all be sewn.  Leather labels can be used for decoration. 


The leather label can be placed anywhere and can be sewn on the front, side or anywhere you want.  The leather patches can be sewed (by hand or using a sewing machine), ironed, glued, or secured with magic buckles. 


Many backpack manufacturers will put the leather logo in the middle of the backpack, the lower left corner or the lower right corner.  The content is usually a trademark.  Or use the leather label as a zipper loop. 

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How to customize leather patch and label 

First you need to measure how much room you want to place the leather logo; 

Secondly, design a leather standard suitable for this size; 

Then decide the trademark embossing process: do you like laser engraving, color embossing, embossing or printing appearance; 

Then there is the material and color of the leather; 

Finally, provide the information to us, and we will make the leather label to your satisfaction. 

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The role of leather patch and label

First: first, the skin can play a decorative role, leather standard, generally above will be stamped with the brand special signs, and some well-known brand logo is its design and typical, ordinary leather mark, the better, can reflect the brand’s senior feeling, we can through the skin mark design to reveal the high grade of extraordinary. 

The second: Leather label can also reflects the jeans is practical, skin mark is able to better fixed jeans, jeans wear securely on our, jeans and leather label can also be used to match the belt, the belt through the skin, can also play the role of a link, so that we are less likely to fall off when I was in jeans,  So having a leather label on jeans is also very useful. 

Third: we can also judge whether it is genuine or fake by the leather mark, to know that some well-known brands are seijing, and the requirements for details are extremely detailed, the choice of material is also very high, so we can judge whether the brand is true or false by the leather mark.  For example, LV’s leather label is one of the important identification points of an LV bag.  Leather mark embossing is a technical work, because the genuine leather mark is by the professional mold after the opening of the manual force evenly knocked, but fake mold is not fine or uneven stamping force, there will be uneven. 

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What colors do the leather patch and label? 

We can dye your leather patch almost any color you want.  However, elegant appearance is our favorite. 

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What are the limitations of my leather patch or leather label design? 

The most common challenge when branding your logo is the complexity of the design in relation to size.  As you can imagine, leather materials will present imperfections, which also gives them an elegant look and a “non-batch” or “handmade” feel. 

Who uses custom leather patch and/or custom leather label? 

A variety of businesses use leather-patched hats as part of their uniforms, in their clothing line or as promotional products.  We can mention breweries, wood-processing companies, and building contractors, just to name a few.  However, leather tags and patches are not only used for corporate and fundraising events, but are also used by ordinary people for special events such as weddings, celebrations, sporting events, etc. 

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