Custom military patches

Patch is very common in clothing and bags, and military patches play a very important role in the army.The Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard all wear uniform insignia and offer a variety of services to their soldiers. 

Custom uniform military patch 

Military patches not only provide elaborate decorations for uniforms, but also show ranks and positions, branches of the army.A military patch is an indispensable accessory in the army Chinese style, which represents every soldier. 

We will 100% support the military units until they are fully satisfied with their patch design. 

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A military patch for the uniform of the armed forces 

We all know that the American flag is red, white and blue.Any other color is a violation of U.S. law.  In chapter 1, Section 4 of the United States Code. 

The decision to wear the full colour flag was made by the joint commanders to boost morale.It was considered more important than disguising all aspects of the uniform. 

A military patch on a uniform 

Military Navy patch, Marine Corps, Air Force, etc. 

Military patch edge 

Laser cut or edge lock. 

Laser cutting is suitable for which shape, while the edge locking is recommended for simple shape patches.Because the hemlock is limited to shapes that are too complex. The common round, square and shield shapes used in military patches can be used for locking. 

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Size and shape of military patches 

There are many common shapes and sizes of military patches, such as round, rectangular or shield shapes, but are definitely not limited to these.  We are willing to develop different types of military patches for you. 

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How much coverage the military patch has?

Most custom military patches have coverage between 75 and 100 percent.  We can duplicate the size and coverage of the military patch to your request, and custom military patches are important.Whether good or bad, the memories of our service members are a force that inspires us to come together. 

Each branch has its own unique patch that it is proud of.Therefore, whether you are in navy or Army aviation patch, there is always a patch corresponding to your military branch. 

Military patch color 

Our line color warehouse is perfect for all your color schemes.  Whether you’re looking for a retro pastel look or some tasteful embellishments of color, we’ve got it for you. 

Display military pride by creating military insignia. 

Military patch back technology 

The back process includes paper on,iron on,adhesive on and Velcro on. 

It depends on your design and practicality. 

Military patch selection 

Besides knitting chapter, embroider chapter is also good choice.The layout of the woven chapter is more detailed, 2D visual sense.The yarn used in embroidery chapter is coarse, and the whole patch appears to be more three-dimensional, 3D visual sense. 

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