custom name labels for clothing

custom name labels for clothing

What is custom name labels

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custom name labels for clothing 5

Printing mark or label, washing mark, one of the operation methods in the printing industry, is relatively simple compared with offset printing. Products are generally used in clothing, shoes, hats, underwear, quilt, and other daily necessities or textiles, in order to let customers know the material composition of the product and the standard of washing water

What is weaving mark

custom name labels for clothing
custom name labels for clothing

Weaving Mark is abbreviated as cloth mark, or collar mark and mark side mark. It is a cloth Mark woven on clothes and trousers, including words, letters and logo patterns.

The marks used by garment factories, garment factories and home textile factories in their production, manufacturing, processing or sales of clothing and home textile to distinguish the sources of clothing and home textile, which are composed of words, graphics, letters, numbers, three-dimensional signs, color combinations, or the combination of the above elements, and have remarkable characteristics, are the products of modern economy.

Weaving marks are woven on the Mark weaving machine by fixing warp yarns and using weft yarns to express words, graphics, letters, numbers, three-dimensional signs and color combinations. They are firm, bright lines, soft and feel good.

What is the printing principle of printing marks

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The resin plate is exposed with film, and its content is engraved on the plate in the form of laser to form a concave convex effect. The content to be printed will protrude. The resin plate uses the rotation of its own cylinder to contact the ink on the machine to print the content or data on the ribbon.

Others: most of the labels called by the printing industry are printed materials used to identify the relevant instructions of their products, and most of them are self-adhesive on the back. But there are also some printing without glue, which can also be called labels. The label with glue is commonly known as “self-adhesive label”.

What is the technology of printing marks

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The printing mark is relative to the weaving Mark. The printing mark is the printed trademark, including the washing mark, also known as the washing mark or the water mark, as well as the size mark or the size mark and the certificate of conformity on the clothing tag. More and more garment factories make the main marks into printing methods. The materials include ribbon, cotton ribbon, ribbon, sardine, cotton cloth and so on. In this way, these main marks are also called printing marks.

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