Custom patches for hats

Custom Patch Design On Hats

Our hats can be used to create your logo in a variety of ways, including silkscreen patches. Our patch design options include leather patch sewn on your custom hat to stick back option for easy application to your hat. We have every option to customize your custom patch hat, including adding leather patches to the hat.

Embroidered Hat Patches

The embroidered patches on the hats provide two of the best effects — they provide a unique embroidered look while also providing a casual patching style. This traditional choice is a decorative method that is used over and over again because of its timeless and durable style.

Embroidery patches allow you to customize everything from shapes to colors to the overall look of your logo. In addition to direct embroidery, where more detail can be added, these hat patches can represent your logo, an organization’s logo, and much more — the only limit is your imagination.

As a manufacturer of custom patches, we can bring any vision to life. We will digitize your artwork, ensuring that each thread is placed perfectly so that the patch you always wanted.

The simple shape of the patch has a frosted edge and is sewn directly onto the hat, while the more complex shape of the patch has a satin edge and can be hot-pressed. Learn more about how embroidery patches are made.

custom Patches on Hats
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Patch Hats vs Embroidered Hats

The classic style of the patch hat is something that the basic embroidered hat lacks. Your custom patch will jump out of your hat, highlight your logo, and demand attention. Comfort is also a major factor. Embroidering directly on a hat can poke 1,000 holes in your garment and distort the shape of the hat. Putting a patch on your hat will only add one more seam, leaving your hat intact. Look inside your recently embroidered hat and you’ll notice that all the stitches are inside the hat, waiting to rub your head in the wrong way. Custom patched hats leave the inside of your hat smooth for maximum comfort. Unique style and comfort? You can’t be wrong!

Don’t let embroidery rub your head the wrong way! Maintain the shape of your hat and stay warm with a custom patch beanie.

Leather Patches on Hats

Custom patches for hats
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Custom patches for hats 2
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What are the benefits of custom patch hats over regular embroidered hats? 

A custom patched hat will often result in a clearer design, as your logo is first embroidered with the twill and then applied to the hat. In addition, your custom patched hats will also look higher quality than direct embroidery.

Adding 3D effects to any design can improve its appeal, especially with caps and hats. Mastering 3D embroidery means having an edge over your competition. 

What style patch looks the best on a hat?

The answer to this question largely depends on your logo. Simple designs can be embroidered, printed, or made in leather or PVC, while more complex designs may require the use of printing techniques such as full-color sublimation or weaving.

How are patches applies to hats?

The patch is usually sewn directly onto the hat using the same kind of sewing machine used by shoemakers. They need a strong needle, especially for leather patches on hats. Hats usually have an unusual shape and custom shape patch designs would require hot pressing with adhesive as it is too difficult to follow a complex logo boundary using needles and thread.

Do iron on patches work on hats?

Some patches are ironed, and you can iron them onto a baseball cap. If the patch isn’t ironed, you’ll need to either stick it on the baseball cap or sew it on to the baseball cap. Use an iron to attach an ironed patch to a baseball cap…. Let it cool, take the needle out, and the patch is ready.

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