Custom patches for less–The great ultimate FQA Guide update 2022

custom patches for less

How much does it cost to get custom patches made?

We provide services and products to hundreds of customers around the world.We guarantee the highest quality performance every time you choose us, even for a single patch.  Our creativity and experience in this field will help you better express and promote your ideas!  Just look at the pictures of our patch to see how flexible our service is.   

How do I create a custom patch?

Digitizing your embroidered patch design is the second step in our process. Our team transfers patch sketches and designs to the digital realm to make creating as many patches as you need a simple, straightforward process. Once your patch design is digitized, the rest is relatively easy!

custom patches for less
custom patches for less

How much does an embroidery patch cost?

Choosing the type of embroidery digitizing is not easy. Everything depends on the design, specifications, material, and a few other things, and it demands exemplary neatness, unwavering concentration, and flawless proficiency. And that’s what you will get at Cre8iveSkill. Our team is always ready for consultation, just a few clicks away, to help choose the type of embroidery digitizing best suited for you.

How much should I charge for an embroidered patches?

  • Every patch is different and you can receive a price quote from us upon submitting your request. Typically here are some price examples
  • Up to 4×2 inch rectangular text patches, or 3 inch circular patches. 10 pieces is $10 a patch. 100 pieces is $1.50 a patch. 200 pieces is $1.00 a patch
  • Large Rockers for the back of patches. 10-12 inches. 10 pieces for $22 a patch. 100 pieces for $5 a patch. (About 2 inch tall letters)
  • Extra Large Rockers 15 inches (or anything over 12 inches): 10 for $29 a patch. 100 pieces for $7 a patch
  • Large Back Patches 10-12 inches: anywhere from $40-$90 for 10 piece runs (Depends on design complexity). Price gets to about $10-$13 a piece for 100 piece runs.
  • Individual name and Rank Patches 3.5×1 inch, $10 each with 10 names minimum.

Custom patches

Schools, colleges and nurseries can all show off their pride with patches that celebrate school houses, end of year accomplishments or sports teams. These patches look great when utilising school colours or logos and parents will appreciate being able to show their support!

custom patches for less
custom patches for less

Embroidery patch

Do you want your patches to have a textured feel and your design to ‘pop’ out of the patch? Embroidered patches are what you need. These patches have a twill base on which a custom design is embroidered using threads. They can incorporate multiple colors to match your design.

  • Go for fully embroidered patches when:
  • Your design has lot of colors and high contrasts
  • Ideal for uniforms, jackets, hats and giveaways

Custom Patch factory

There are so many diverse ways for businesses to market themselves today. They can take advantage of all sorts of digital marketing approaches. They can take the mobile advertising path. They can even dive into the world of custom products. If you want to promote and market your brand well, consider creating custom patches for your business.

custom patches prices

custom patches for less
custom patches for less

Patch order

Iron on patches

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