custom polyester labels

Custom designed polyester center folding clothing label woven label with your logo

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custom polyester labels 2

Woven label – is an important finishing touch of quality and value. Our high-quality clothing labels are additional details that enhance the value and excellence of your brand. Woven labels are the most popular and cost-effective method for your clothing, sewing, knitting, clothing, handicrafts and other items.

We focus on providing solutions for consistent brand identity. Call us today and let our label experts guide you to gradually receive high-quality woven or printed fabric labels.

Our high quality labels are made from a durable polyester material and can be supplied blank or pre-printed with your choice of product information, logo, barcode, etc. We use only the best quality materials to produce our labels and print them to very high print standards, so you can be confident that your polyester labels will look good and remain durable no matter how tough an application they are used for.

Our woven and printed fabric labels are custom designed and produced with a wide range of options, from standard finishing materials to soft and silky products, unique tailoring, shape and technology. An effective ordering process, as well as a superior label design and production process, allows custom woven labels to be cost-effective, regardless of quantity, while providing a minimum.

Woven labels are the most popular and cost-effective method for your clothing, crafts, or any other items that need a brand. Our labels can be produced in any number, using a time tested weaving process. As a result, a high-quality label can withstand a lot of washing. Our fully customized process allows many choices, from standard materials, soft and smooth products, unique cutting, shape and technology, and can be produced in any number of more than 50.

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