TOP custom printed labels for clothing : update 2022

custom printed labels for clothing, Many people don’t have a spectrum when it comes to custom-made clothing weaving marks. However, after the operation, you will feel very simple.

The reason is very simple. The process itself is not complex. In addition, after we go through the whole process, it will be simple. Now the manufacturer of weaving marks will explain the specific process of custom-made clothing weaving marks, which requires everyone to be personally involved, Feel the real communication link.


custom printed labels for clothing
custom printed labels for clothing

When a customer asks about the manufacturer of clothing weaving Mark trademark, the customer service staff will ask a question,

dear , do you have a sample or a design draft? The other party said that there was a design draft, then we will select the quality for the customer, and then determine the size. The size will exist in the design draft, but we need to determine whether it is the net size or gross size, four side car or two side car, etc.

Another problem is the color. We’d better ask each other for the color that can be determined by both sides. We can use international color card or color sample. If the customer has samples, we will determine whether the color and size are according to the samples.

After the first question is completed, our next question is [2] the quantity and use of customers.

As for the quantity, perhaps the customer requires proofing instead of making goods, so we have to ask how much is the quantity? When will the goods be delivered? What products are our custom-made clothing weaving marks applied to? See for yourself if there is room for improvement?

What is printed labels, what is clothing weaving marks

woven tag vs printed tag 1
TOP custom printed labels for clothing : update 2022 3

So why is our theme today called clothing weaving marks? What is the significance of it?

Let’s take a look at the definition of weaving Mark given by Baidu Encyclopedia.

Now you can understand its significance. Baidu Encyclopedia shows that weaving marks are woven on clothes and trousers, including text, letters and logo patterns.

The marks used by garment factories, garment factories and home textile factories in their production, manufacturing, processing or sales of clothing and home textile to distinguish the sources of clothing and home textile, which are composed of words, graphics, letters, numbers, three-dimensional signs, color combinations, or the combination of the above elements, and have remarkable characteristics, are the products of modern economy.
So how does the manufacturer of clothing weaving Mark define it?

We still define it from the concept of weaving Mark. Weaving Mark is woven on the weaving Mark machine by fixing warp and weft to express words, graphics, letters, numbers, three-dimensional signs and color combinations. It has the characteristics of high-end, firm, bright lines, soft and good hand feel.

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