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What is PVC material? 

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC or vinyl) is a high-strength thermoplastic material that is the third most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer in the world.Known for its strength and weight, making it the perfect material for making PVC patches. 

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What is PVC patch? 

PVC patches are a very common alternative to embroidery patches.They are made of durable, soft plastic and come in a variety of colors, allowing for custom designs that are not possible with embroidery.PVC patches are extremely durable because they never fade, wear out, crack or flake, making them ideal for use on products for outdoor activities.They’re naturally waterproof, so your brand can be displayed year-round, even in the toughest and toughest environments. 

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Custom PVC patches 

Our PVC(polyvinyl chloride) patch is made of soft and elastic rubber and can be molded into almost any shape and colour with details separated by fine recessed lines.Our PVC patches are waterproof and can withstand cold temperatures, making them ideal for harsh outdoor use.Custom molded, flexible, and lightweight, these patches are well designed with thin lines or tiny letters. 

In addition to being used on some military equipment, PVC patches can also be attached to fabrics or hard surfaces, including bags, jackets, uniforms, etc.If you want the patch to be permanent on an item, you can sew the patch on the item you want to design.If you prefer the patch to disassemble freely, you can choose Velcro. 

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Issues to consider when customizing PVC patches 

1. Whether the PVC patch should be done in 2D or 3D is one of the biggest issues, as it will determine whether your design will have a sculpted look or a 2D look.  Adding 3D allows your images to have a sculpted surface. 

2. Color also needs careful consideration because the separation between each color is very thin. 

3. Then there’s the sizing. 

4. Finally, the choice of the back technology. 

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The back of PVC patch

Back craft has a lot of options, you can choose any you want to make your PVC patch truly unique! 

1. You can choose to sew.A permanent way to sew them onto your uniform, hat or clothing, directly onto clothes, jackets, bags, etc. 

2. Make a removable rubber base, similar to ironing, but it is not ironing, suitable for smooth non-fabric surfaces. 

3. Velcro.Fix the wool side on the clothes or other items, and fix the thorn side on the PVC patch.  This can be easily removed.They can be connected in many different ways. 

4.Can you use fabric glue for patches?Instead of sewing or ironing patches onto sashes or vests, glue them on!You can get fabric glue at any craft or fabric store.Just spread the glue on the patch, press the patch onto the vest, let it dry, and voila!So easy, and they stay on so much better than when you iron them on. 

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PVC does fluorescent effect 

Adding fluorescence to dark colors allows your design to be seen at night, which is a fun way to make your logo section stand out. 

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Customizable PVC patch size and shape 

There are no requirements for the size and shape of the PVC patch.It depends on your imagination and needs.The price will depend on the height and width of your design.PVC is made from polyvinyl chloride, which is why they feel like soft rubber, and they can be molded into any shape or size. 

PVC patches are made of soft, malleable rubber and can be made into patches of any shape, size and thickness. 

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2D vs 3D PVC patch 

2D — THE 2D sign has multiple horizontal surfaces that separate the different layers in the art through a layering technique, resulting in raised and sunken areas.This 2D effect is great for clean, simple designs, for trademark patches with vibrant colors in a variety of tones, and places where raised and sunken ridges actively work with the overall aesthetic of your work. 

3 D – Like 2 D creation, 3 D art has multiple planes that can accommodate a variety of styles.But unlike 2D, our 3D images are round, have different colors and can be on the same plane.Ups and downs are not static, and elements in your work can take on a more realistic character.3D technology is perfect for adding larger details, rounded corners or sculpted effects to help achieve.Examples include facial details and landscapes, but deciding with one of our designers on the best effect will make this choice easy. 

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PVC custom patch is suitable for any occasion 

The PVC patch is custom made and can survive in any environment you can imagine.  Like traditional embroidered patches, they’re easy to attach to anything from jackets and vests to hats and backpacks.They’re also waterproof and easily withstand low temperatures, making them perfect for any activity, whether at sea or on snowy slopes. 

Custom PVC patches are durable, easy to clean, and have the best choice for layered designs and custom 3D artwork.While it sounds like PVC patches are only suitable for the needs of our more active customers, the fact is that you can find them almost everywhere. 

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