Custom rubber keychain(PVC keychain)

What is a PVC keychain?

PVC keychain that is plastic material keychain, keychain is a kind of decoration on the key chain.PVC keychain in a variety of shapes, deeply loved by the masses. 

We use your design to make it a custom keychain.Rubber keychains are ideal as freebies or souvenirs.Now the die cutting technology, can be made into any shape you want, PVC keychain no longer shape restrictions, you can be bold to make your ideas into a design drawing.We will make it into a perfect key chain product. 

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About PVC keychain 

Any shape is possible: circle, square, rectangle, triangle or custom shape keychain.  Keychain modeling, such as cartoon modeling, brand modeling, simulation model and so on. Keychain has become a small gift, you can give a friend or yourself, to express your mind. 

Rubber keychain can be double-sided or single-sided, depending on you. 

Color can be very close to your design. 

Send us your ideas or designs as PDF files.Of course, we prefer AI files.We designed your key chain to the letter of your design. 

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Custom rubber keychain(PVC keychain) 7

The keychain has a variety of options

Lobster clasp keychains (stress free), 

Oval hook (elegant), 

C-hook (super easy), 

Carabiner type (security), 

Why can custom rubber PVC key rings be used as part of a brand campaign? 

Keychains, whether PVC or metal, they are very practical and indispensable in our daily life.You need keys to your house, car, motorcycle, safe, etc. If you need keys, you need a keychain. 

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The role of PVC keychain 

Strong three-dimensional effect: PVC soft glue keychain surface can be planar effect or 3D three-dimensional, and the key chain is made of relief technology, three-dimensional effect is very strong, very realistic! 

Strong expansibility: PVC keychain, plus LED light can be made with the lamp key chain, plus spices can be made into a fragrance keychain, plus a thermometer can be made into a functional key chain. 

Suitable for making: PVC soft glue keychain, with mold cost bottom, low unit price, product creativity strong characteristics, especially suitable for making. 

The function of keychain 

Connect a set of keys together and visually attract us so that we don’t loosen them or find them faster.We carry the keys with us at all times, and the keychain goes everywhere. 

Another function of the keychain is as an ornament for bags and so on.  It is connected to the zipper head to enhance the aesthetic. 

Many stores will do promotional activities, and giving away key chains is very useful.  And objects with their own brand image can play a promotional role. 

Should you choose a metal or plastic keychain? 

On the one hand, you can select metals for very formal businesses such as insurance brokers, real estate brokers, bankers, accountants, economists, architects, stockbrokers and so on. 

On the other hand, we recommend that you choose PVC material if you are dealing with a more interesting type of product or service.Flexible and colorful materials are ideal for artisans, manufacturers, small retailers,marketing agencies, designers, brewers, television producers, musicians, all kinds of sports teams or businesses, among many other professions and industries. 

The marketing effect of keychains 

Identify your goals, support their ideas, like add a message behind them, and your target audience will put on your keychain and carry them all, generating hundreds of impressions and increasing your brand awareness.  Put your contact information in the back (phone, address, website, email) and you will create leads, prospects.  By only rewarding customers who come in frequently, you gain their trust and build loyalty and support. 

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Couples PVC keychains 

Lovers key chain is the latest development of zinc alloy jewelry, is a brand publicity business promotion of craft quality, is also a novel gift.The back can also be customized with a laser LOGO. 

Product use: enterprise brand publicity, new product promotion, tourist attractions, souvenirs, commemorative souvenirs, advertising and other industries promotional products. 

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Auto Logos PVC keychain 

Keychain is the latest development of zinc alloy automotive supplies, the surface through oil drops or plated rare metal do rust treatment;Is a car 4S shop promotional gift owners of the beautiful small gifts, but also the owner of the essential car supplies, car pendant, personality fashion supplies. 

Product use: enterprise brand publicity, new product promotion, souvenir and other industries of commemorative promotional products. 

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