custom sew in labels for clothing

custom sew in labels for clothing,

Clothing sling design

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From the perspective of form, and the transition from graphic design to three-dimensional, the theme of future design pays more attention to ecology and environmental protection.

The design process not only produces the product cycle design, but also can be converted through parts, materials, the manufacturing regeneration cycle, so the tag design of each link should be reasonable

  • From complex to simple, simple eye-catching design makes the mark more prominent.
  • 2. From concrete to abstract, the pace of life accelerates. People need to receive information quickly, simple, abstract and summarized tags are easier to remember by consumers.
  • 3. The diversity of color, more rich color, more luster sense, more sense of The Times.
  • 4. Gradually develops from two-dimensional to 3-dimensional. With the increasingly mature development of 3-dimensional technology, 3 D can convey information more three-dimensional, and make the effect more clear.

Innovation in clothing hangtags

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Due to the many innovative design aspects involved in clothing tags, with the development of modern science and technology and the application of emerging materials, the innovation of clothing tags has many new ways of expression.

custom sew in labels for clothing

The traditional clothing tags mainly illustrate and decorate, and rarely have other additional functions and values

Innovation of clothing sling in modeling: The shape of traditional clothing sling is mainly rectangular, round, triangular and irregular graphics, most of which are geometric figures. With the increasing development and maturity of die cutting technology, animal shape, plant shape and character shape are the outer outline modeling

custom sew in labels for clothing
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In our daily life, no matter what kind of goods we buy, the price, quality, appearance and function of the goods are the main factors we will first consider. Similarly, it is the same in the garment accessories industry.

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innovative design

We often encounter customers saying that your weaving marks are too expensive, why others are not so expensive, and so on, So what factors affect the price of weaving marks? Why are some expensive and some cheap?
The first is the material, the price of weaving marks made of different materials is different, the number of colors, and the large number of colors means that the processing is difficult, so the price will become higher.

The second is the specification and size of weaving marks. The price of weaving marks with different specifications and sizes must be different, and then the composition of post processes. The composition of post processes is different, and the price must be different, The last is the customer’s order volume. The order volume is small and the price is high, which is certain. The order volume is large and the price is reduced.

The price of weaving marks is mainly affected by the above aspects. However, to tell you the truth, you can’t get high-quality weaving marks at a low price. In order to ensure our quality, we can consider increasing the cost investment. Such skills can ensure the quality and stabilize the long-term cooperative relationship between customers. We want to know more about weaving marks

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