Custom shopping bag labels: Big Impact from Small Packaging

Shopping Bag Labels – Gloss Finish

Looking for custom bag labels professionally printed with your label design that is a perfect fit for your products? Look no further than Lightning Labels, which will liven up your packaging with custom bag labels, available in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Our customizable options, rapid turnaround and personalized customer service guarantee our custom bag tags will meet your needs, no matter what you sell.

The function of shopping bag Labels

shopping bag labels
shopping bag labels

Bagging items offers a number of conveniences, especially for different types of snack food, small hardware items and other non-fragile merchandise. Bagged items are often displayed by checkouts or along the ends of store aisles, and custom bag labels will catch shoppers’ attention and make your products more appealing than your competitors’. The label printing experts at Lightning Labels can deliver professional and cost-effective custom bag labels that will reflect both the quality of your product and the time and energy you have put into developing it. 

Our shopping bag labels sizing options and quality means they attach nicely to almost any bag and will maintain a proper fit. Some goods are best packaged in transparent bags, allowing shoppers to see the item before purchasing it. With a variety of bag label sizes to choose from, you can show as much or little of the product inside the bag as you want. Larger custom bag tags allow you to list multiple specs and drawings for complicated hardware items, while smaller labels can elegantly advertise the name of a sweet treat or snack while leaving a clear view to show it off.

Why Should I Order Custom Shopping Bag Labels?

shopping bag labels 1
Custom shopping bag labels: Big Impact from Small Packaging 4

You want to succeed.

You recognize the importance of coming up with a personal brand for your designs.

You have taken the time and effort to design, create and market your handbags.

You might even have opened an Etsy, Pinterest or other website to sell your bags and promote your business.

With all that effort in place; it only makes business sense to brand your products. There is no artist that doesn’t sign their masterpieces; and for pennies a label, there is no excuse not to promote your business on each of your creations.

A handbag label will do just that.

Which Type of Label is Right for My Shopping Bags?

Woven labels

Placing your logo brand in the inside of your purses, handbags, totes, backpacks, usually in a pocket, or as a hem tag is the best use of woven labels, they are usually folded and sewn from the top.

PVC Labels

Some people call them PVC labels or patches, either way they are usually attached by sewing them to the outside of your backpack or totes.

Metal Labels

You can attach custom metal labels to the outside of your shopping bags or add a special feel to your bags and purses. It looks like a carved metal label, but it’s actually struck with antique brass.

Professional printing you can rely on

the shape, size, material and exact quantity of professionally printed pouch and bag labels you want – all in one place. Our premium labels are printed on industry-leading digital printers and your satisfaction is always guaranteed. You can choose from a huge assortment of superior materials and finishes to get the exact look you want. 

You can buy as few as two label sheets or thousands of roll labels for your bags and pouches. Great for moisture barrier bags, flat zipper bags, stand-up pouches, poly bags and more. Simply customize your labels online for free and order. It’s that easy. If you need any help, we’re here to answer questions and help you get the exact labels you want. 

Print your own pouch & shopping bag labels

When you need your bag labels on demand or you just need a smaller number, printable labels are the answer. Now you can order your label sheet online and then customize and print it from an inkjet or laser printer.

Our printed bag labels come in over 3,100 materials, shapes and sizes in combination. You can choose from our printable waterproof labels or use our aluminum foil labels to give your bags and bags a premium look and feel. Need custom size? We can do the same for no extra cost. Just enter the size you need and we will send you the specific label within three days.

What is the Best Type of Labels for my Shopping bags?

shopping bag labels 2
Custom shopping bag labels: Big Impact from Small Packaging 5

There are several types of labels you might want for your bag. Sewn, iron, woven, soft rubber; Every option you can think of is available.

What we encourage you to do is choose a type of label that will enhance the look and match the creative process of our design.

You designed a burlap backpack for college students, in different school colors, with their mascot or badge on it. For you, we might suggest a naturally printed label on a cotton label that enhances burlap, provides a natural look and overall durable label that will sew the work on the inside and outside of your tote bag. Now, suppose you’ve designed a line of elegant soft leather handbags or stylish purses. For you, we may recommend sewn on zippers, brocade labels or maybe even soft PVC labels.

The opportunities are endless, so the most important thing is to understand your product, where you want to put your label, and let us help you decide what is the best option for you and your shopping bags.

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