Custom Velcro patch FAQ

The design of the patch is perfect for denim coats, coats, hats, canvas bags, anything products… 

Patches are divided into woven patches, embroidery patches, and PVC patches.  Which product is better for you?  It depends on the style you want. 

1. Can velcro be added to woven patches

Woven patch 

The thread used to weave the patch is a relatively fine yarn that can be braided to produce detailed parts of the design.The matte light color gives them a special look and feel.There are no skipping pins, so your small text will look clean and readable. 

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Custom Velcro patch FAQ 6

Embroidery patch 

The yarn of the embroidery patch is thicker, which makes the patch more three-dimensional and weighty.Classic style will make your product look great. 

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Custom Velcro patch FAQ 7

PVC patch 

PVC used to be the world’s largest production of general-purpose plastics, widely used.Non-flammability, high strength, resistance to climate change and excellent geometric stability.It is very suitable for the production of outdoor related products.  It is the best choice for tactical equipment.Its vibrant colors will outlast your clothes. 

Any of these patches can be made into Velcro patches.Velcro can be added to any type of patch. 

Of course, there are several kinds of patch back processing, respectively: iron on,paper on,adhesive on and velcro on.This section describes the velcro on backing. 

2. Why use velcro (Loop and hook) patches? 

Members of law enforcement agencies, military, police, fire departments, and EMS, motorcycle clubs, sports teams and academies, Boy Scouts, and private companies are often chosen to make velcro patches.And to provide a high quality product. 

Because they are easy to paste and remove, many customers like to add velcro patches to their uniforms. 

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3. Advantages of custom velcro patches 

No need to sew

If you take that patch off your uniform before you wash it, it will last.  (Don’t forget to turn your uniform inside out so the velcro doesn’t get stuck to anything else) 

Patches can be easily replaced 

Some police stations also use reflective police patches with velcro. 

Originally, Hook & Loop patches were used by armed forces so that when soldiers were captured, they could take them off their uniforms (name and rank) to avoid passing information to the enemy. 

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Custom Velcro patch FAQ 9

4. Velcro patch size 

Different products and different clothes need different sizes of patches, and different positions on the same product will also affect the size.It depends on the product, and it depends on the designer’s idea. 

Cuffs have a size for cuffs,hats have a size for hats, jackets have a size for jackets… 

5. Customize velcro patches 

It’s easy to use velcro patches to display your logo on products.When consumers buy them, they begin to play their value.They wander the streets. 

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Custom Velcro patch FAQ 10

6. What’s the difference between a loop and hook? 

They are both a kind of fixing system, the rough side is called a hook and the soft side is called a loop.Velcro is the most popular brand of this type of fastener.We use the best quality velcro. 

7. How to use hook and loop? 

Sew the loop on the position where the product wants to be placed, and sew the hook on the back of the patch.They can be glued and removed at will.You can still wash your jacket or vest without having hooks sticking to other parts. 

8. How do you get velcro on a patch? 

The most common and safest method is to sew the looped side to clothing: hats, jackets, vests, backpacks, and sew the hooked side to the back of the patch. 

9. Are velcro patches limited in shape? 

Your patch can be any shape you want.From square rectangular or round, to shield or joystick shapes, even designed around your custom patches.Everything is custom made.It is up to you. 

10. What edges can you choose for velcro patches? 

It depends on the style you choose.Embroidery and woven patches can have laser cut edges and overlock edges(merrow border). 

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