custom woven labels for clothing

custom woven labels for clothing

The difference between brand and famous brand

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custom woven labels for clothing 5

The word brand comes from the ancient Norwegian word “The word means” brand ”.

Its earliest source may have been simply the way that nomadic tribes distinguished themselves from their own tribal property.Brands in the original sense of brands in the hands of ancient craftsmen assumed the role of distinguishing between products and attracting customers.

Attach the name of the creator to the handicraft, art, this is the original commodity name method, but also is the source of the modern brand concept

How to look at the clothing labels

custom woven labels for clothing
custom woven labels for clothing

Clothing is a necessity of people’s life to convey wearing people’s personality, preferences, taste and other information.

Many consumers often care about the style and feel of clothes when buying, but ignore the use of instructions of clothing.

In fact, clothing and other goods have the problem of how to use it correctly and safely, through the clothing labels, logo can understand the quality of the clothing purchased.

Generally includes the name and address of the manufacturer, product name, product model and specifications, raw material composition and content, washing method, product standards, quality, grade, product quality inspection certificate and the safety technical requirements categories that the product meets

Type of clothing trademark and its role

Brand name mark: easy to understand, identify, and appear as a symbol.Such as the manufacturer, company, or product name.

2. Composition mark: indicate the raw material composition and the proportion contained.

3. Certification mark: the mark of international or regional quality standards, prove the quality of products, and enhance credibility.

Types and functions of tag

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  1. Trademark label: clothing hangtag together with trademark logo. The composition, color and logo design shall form a
    A series.
  2. Ingredient tag: it has the same function as the ingredient trademark, but it has little effect when the ingredient is not indicated on the trademark
    Introduce the products in detail, let customers know the goods as much as possible, and promote consumption.
  3. Instruction board: explain the functions and maintenance matters to guide consumption.
  4. Certification tag: function and certification mark.
  5. Sales tag: indicate the price, specification and market number for consumers’ reference when purchasing, and also give
    Provide convenience for merchant statistical query. There are also several functions in one, and the tag is a better explanation of the trademark and product
    Main functions of the product.

With the improvement of the level of science and technology, people have a new understanding of their own living environment, and have higher requirements for living substances.

Some certification signs that reflect the quality of the product are also often found in the hanging tags, such as IS09001 / 9002, environmental protection IS014000, whole cotton logo, pure wool logo, antibacterial down logo, European green label Oeko_TexStandard100, European ecological label E_co_label, needle check mark, “Q” mark, SIF mark, etc.”Oko_TexStandard100″ is one of the most widely used environmental safety standards for imported commodities in some developed countries, mainly for clothing products, many harmful substances may harm the human body, these harmful substances have pesticides, formaldehyde, toxic dyes, etc., certification testing items have PH, formaldehyde content, insecticide content, chlorophphenl, toxic dyes, chlorine organic carrier, staining fastness, volatile substances, sensory smell, etc.

On this basis, there will be quality assurance and credit card printed on the sling

Design factors for clothing hangtags

The final effect of the clothing sling, need to layout the text, color, graphics, layout.Text is the main element of the design of clothing tags. A detailed description of clothing can also use the artistic processing of text as graphics

The graphics design the soul of the clothing brand, and the graphics echo the text and text.Graphics is the finishing point of the clothing tag design, a simple summary is easy to let consumers instantly remember.Color is the auxiliary element of the clothing tag design, which should be unified with the clothing style

Color is the construction factor of the clothing hangtag

Color is the construction factor of the clothing tag. The “inherent color” of the brand image is applied on each clothing brand tag, and consumers judge and identify the clothing brand through the color on the tag.Sometimes even beyond the power of words, to increase the degree of brand loyalty.

Black and white: because black and white removes the decoration of color, conveys a special tension and pure beauty, it has a kind of weight and depth that color cannot replace.Pure black and white pure, deep, thick, pure black and white can show its unique personality in the colorful, to achieve its unique beauty and traditional stability, black and white standard feeling, will also have an avant-garde, modern feeling.Simple black and white, the figure is the most pure in this state, it throws away the surface decoration and interference, so that the transmission of information is simple and powerful, which is particularly prominent in the colorful visual environment

women’s dress;suit-dress

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Because women love the nature of beauty, women have become the main force of clothing consumption, the development of Chinese women’s wear brands began in the 1990s

Women want to show their true self and dress through different styles to reflect their same personality.Therefore, the design of clothing sling should adapt to the female aesthetic.

Although it is small, it carries social culture, social history and social attributes.According to the distinctive personality of women, women’s logo design has unique expression and different design forms exist in the form of words, through the image of the letter characters or graphics of the image of metaphor and symbol, reflecting women’s gentle, lovely, elegant and fashionable temperament

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