Make your custom woven labels–The great ultimate FQA Guide update 2022

custom woven labels

How much does woven label cost?

KSTHL Labels is suppliers of custom woven clothing labels. We specialise in designer labels, woven name tapes, identification labels, craft labels, care labels and personalised woven celebration ribbon.

What fabric is used for woven labels?

There are two types of thread that is used on Damask label, 100 denier damask and 50 denier damask known as high definition label. The word denier refers to the size of the thread. So the 50 denier has the most softest feel and shows fine detail whereas the 100 denier damask is extremely high quality, sturdy, and soft.

For high end clothing brands 50 denier is what recommend you go with. When counting a number of colors for damask woven labels, keep in mind that the background color is included. For woven labels you can choose upto 8 colors and width upto 8”. Woven labels are cut with hot knite or laser cut machine which prevents the label from fraying.

custom woven labels
custom woven labels

How do you make a woven label?

Our woven labels are created using modern looms and finest quality “50 denier” thread. We boast the largest thread color inventory in the industry, allowing for the most accurate color match. Your design may include up to 8 thread colors. You also have the option to add size versions (s, m, l, xl) or metallic thread. Order sew-on labels or add an iron-on or peel & stick backing.

What size are woven labels?

Custom Woven Labels are that final touch that completes all your hard work and your attention to details: those little tags are the first thing people look at when they grab your product from a display.

Woven label

Our custom woven labels are extremely cost-effective. In fact, we’re proud to offer our woven labels at some of the most competitive prices in the whole of the UK. We can produce 1,000 HD woven labels for under £90, and we can also offer bulk discount prices for larger orders. Our lead times are typically 10 working days or under to ensure a fast turnaround.

custom woven labels
custom woven labels

woven cotton labels custom

Many customers have a design idea but need our expertise in custom woven label design and manufacturing to turn it into the ideal woven label for their products.  We offer you expert advice on the layout, format, colour, size and type of organisation you need to make your woven labels exactly fit your clothing and brand.  

iron on woven labels

Nothing adds a more attractive finishing touch to clothing and handmade items than personalized woven clothing labels. At KSTHL Labels, we offer a broad range of high-quality, fully-embroidered custom woven fabric labels that are available in very low minimum quantities. These beautiful labels are all that you need to add a traditional flourish to personal clothing. Give that professional label of distinction to handmade items!

cheap woven labels

We offer Custom Clothing Labels, Wholesale Woven Labels, Satin Screen Printed Labels, Natural Cotton Twill Labels, Leather Labels, Quilting Labels, Ribbon, Hangtags, Swingtags, Care, Content & Size Labels, Iron-On Labels, Self-Adhesive Labels, Hem Tags, Embroidered Name Tapes and more!

Garment label

custom woven labels
custom woven labels

woven label machine

custom woven labels
custom woven labels

woven labels small quantities

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