Custom woven patch

The great thing about woven patch is that they show every little detail of the design.  Because of their tight weave pattern and smooth texture.Woven puddings are flat and do not have a layered appearance like embroidered badge.

What is a woven patch?

In fact, some customers called the woven badge is also called woven label,because its process content is almost the same.Just the stitching requires an edge and backing process. 

woven patch 1
Custom woven patch 11

The appearance of the woven patch is smooth 

With thinner threads and a tighter weave pattern, it captures very small parts of the design.  If you need a perfect representation of the design, the weave is your best choice.Also because the thread is thinner, the surface is more flat and smooth.

We have hundreds of different colored threads and our industry leading equipment allows us to weave multiple colored threads at once.Working with us, you’ll learn how fast and easy it is to turn an idea into a real thing.Make ordinary products unusual and ordinary shopping more interesting.We provide high quality finished products, quality first. 

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Custom woven patch 12

Make your own woven patch

Woven patch is widely used by various businesses because it is rich in color and can perfectly express the designer’s concept.You can choose not only a single color design, but also a variety of color design, so that the finished product more dynamic.Make the brand logo easier to weave and apply to a wide variety of products.We will make it strictly according to your design At the same time, the customer needs to inform us whether the edge is laser cut or merrow border.How about the backing?Paper on,iron on or velcro.

If you want the stitch to be permanently attached to the garment, then you can choose paper on and sew it on a casual corner of the garment.Or if you prefer an easy way to do it, you can choose iron on backing, which uses an electric iron to knit and attach to a clothing bag for your do-it-yourself DIY.Moreover is the velcro on backing,the velcro has the flexibility,it can change the woven chapter at will. 

woven patch 3
Custom woven patch 13

Woven patch size

The shape and size of the patch depends on your needs and product.If you are in doubt, we can recommend the size.Please advise the use and what product to attach the seal to.We will work with you to make it just right. 

woven patch 4
Custom woven patch 14

Design woven patch

We will carefully make your woven emblem, so that your logo and information perfectly present in a beautiful woven fabric, to capture your corporate culture, brand spirit.Let weaving contribute to your sales.The colors can be colorful or simple, even classic black and white.Or with the color of the product, the contrast of the color can have a huge impact. 

woven patch 5
Custom woven patch 15

How are these woven patches? 

In your design, in addition to the color, there is also the depth of the background color of the fabric.With almost unlimited options, you will be able to create a perfect weave patch.It will have the effect you want. 

Braided patches are made up of continuously sewn threads that are intricately combined on the back of the fabric.The threads are tightly woven together to create a seamless image or logo.The thread on the back side of the fabric is a bonded backing or Velcro.This allows you to securely attach them to any material. 

woven patch 6
Custom woven patch 16

How is the woven seal applied to the product? 

Applying your custom woven seal is as simple as applying any other product.Whether they’re sewn into your clothes or ironed, the first step is to consider the best placement for your unique clothes.They can be attached to shirts, bags and other items.They can be attached to corners or near shoulders. 

Once you have chosen the perfect location, you can choose the right back craft.We have several options,sew on,iron on and velcro on.They are safe and strong to use. 

woven patch 7
Custom woven patch 17

Embroidery patch vs woven patch

Woven patches are great for designs with lots of complex details or small print.This style produces an incredible, clean, clear graphic style.This is a great option when you want to highlight every detail. 

The difference between embroidered and woven patches is the size of the thread.They are sewn continuously from thinner threads to obtain a very detailed finished product.This creates an almost seamless look and feel.As a result, this changes the overall look and feel of the finished product.

Both styles use stitching to depict your logo, message, or brand.They capture your design in monochrome or colored tapestries.The differences between them are subtle.But the overall appearance of this style can produce a unique aesthetic and feel compared to embroidery. 

woven patch 8
Custom woven patch 18

How to choose embroider chapter and weave chapter? 

Since this style uses a finer thread to knit together rather than embroidering on the fabric, it is ideal when a design is too complex to be achieved through the embroidery process.On the other hand, if your design content is simple and you want it to be 3D, then you can choose embroidered stamps. 

woven patch 9
Custom woven patch 19

Want to make your knitting look lively? 

Knitting is also a great way to make your photos look lifelike.They can also capture complex designs without losing detail. 

This style works best when a single string is not an essential part of the design,but a complete and coherent image is most important.In other words, because of the tightness of the threads, the string itself looks almost printed.This makes them almost invisible.This is the best way to breathe life into more detailed and complex works of art. 

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Custom woven patch 20
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