custom woven suit labels–The great ultimate FQA Guide update 2022

custom woven suit labels

How do I make my own woven clothing labels?

Custom Suit Labels are the place where tailors sign their master pieces. They can add incredible value to jackets, pants, vests, blazers, ties and/or pocket squares. Besides, the importance of a high quality label does more than just branding your garments; it categorizes them as unique, outstanding products.

custom woven suit labels
custom woven suit labels

How do I make my own clothing label?

Customise your clothing with one of our custom Woven Labels. All of our personalised Woven Labels are made from 100% polyester thread and high-quality materials. We are able to create your logo or design in up to 12 colours. At Aspinline, we are proud to supply high-quality merchandise. Personalised Woven Labels are a very useful and customisable accessory for clothing, bags, shoes and more.

What is a woven label?

Woven labels with your custom clothing business name and logo are synonymous with fine tailored clothing. Seeing your label in tailored suits, sport jackets, pants and shirt collars speaks volumes to your clients about your professionalism, quality and style.

How do you iron on a woven label?

Most weave designer labels are digital high density weave quality designer clothing labels.  Aided by our wider range of vibrant colours and extreme fine lines, woven images and text are surprisingly detailed and outstanding.  

custom woven suit labels
custom woven suit labels

custom suit labels

Under what conditions do we need custom woven and printed labels? Custom woven labels are custom neck labels and main labels. For example, it mainly includes customized logos, sizes, and patterns. But the pattern can only customize the rough outline. If you need better effects such as portraits, then I suggest you customize the printed label.

Woven label

We offer a range of fabric labels online along with a range of services to suit all clients whether it’s for custom printed fabric labels, clothing labels, swing tags or custom woven fabric labels.

We make sure to provide our clients with a range of bespoke fabric labels available online which can be manufactured in small or large quantities.

custom woven labels cheap

The most popular type of woven label is going to be a flat end fold label. This is a flat label that is sewn on two or all four sides. These are great for custom headwear such as custom beanies and custom ball caps. They are also a great way to add logo detail to custom fleece and custom jackets.

Another very popular style is going to be the book fold label, these are great for shirt hems, pockets, sleeves, the sweatbands on ball caps and fold beanies. When we set up your fold labels also know as clip labels we can lay them out so your art is right side up regardless of the orientation it’s attached in.

woven cotton labels custom

Tailors are the artists of elegance. Instead of canvas, oils and brushes they use fabric, needles and thread. The suits they make are seen as artworks or, sometimes, as master pieces. Then.. Why shouldn’t they sign them on? Luckily , that’s what custom suit labels were made for!

custom woven suit labels
custom woven suit labels
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