Customized labels for bags

Customizing labels for bags is a well-established business.It’s no different than customizing labels for clothing.Just choose the right size and pattern.In every step of production,we use advanced materials and the best technology to make our customers marvel at the finished product. 

When customers fall in love with your woven label, they will love your bag more.They must have ordered it for you.Custom crafts have become the latest and biggest new trend in owning and showing off designer bags.As a consumer, no matter what my style is, there is a designer who makes bags for me. 

You think a label is a label, and there’s no big surprise.Isn’t it?But did you know they know how to design their own woven label? 

The first thing to say is that there are many ways and places you can use labels, and whether the type of label is right for your product depends on your product. 

1. Why order custom bag labels

If you want to be successful, you need to realize the importance of brand reputation.  It takes time and effort to design, manufacture and sell your bag.When everything is ready, it only makes business sense to have your brand on your product.Just as there is no artist who does not put his signature on his masterpiece.So there’s no reason not to promote your own brand on every one of your products.This can be done by simply customizing a tag. 

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2. How should I put label on my bag? 

By far the most common type of label used, from start-ups to large entrepreneurs, is the woven type.Keeping your logo inside your bag, usually in a pocket, or as a hem tag is the best use for woven tags, which are usually folded and sewn from the top. 

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3. Leisure bag — woven label /PVC tag/metal tag/leather tag

For casual handbags, most will sew a medium sized printed or woven label on the inside of the bag (possibly in the pocket), fold the ends and sew around.Or sew a metal or PVC label on the front of the bag.(PVC labels are also known as patches) 

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4. Leather purse/bag — woven label/metal label 

For a leather purse or handbag, you can also use a woven label on the inside or outside of the inner pocket, or place a metal label on the outside of the bag. 

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5. Luggage – metal label 

You can add a special feel to your suitcase with custom metal tags, attach them to the outside of your suitcase or use them as a pendant. 

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6. DIY bag – woven/embroidered patch

A variety of patches can be customized along with the bags sold to guests, allowing guests to DIY their bags themselves.Everyone’s style and thought are different, and the bag made by oneself is more unique.Guests will like them more, too. 

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7. What is the best size for a handbag label? 

Woven brocade label located on the inside or outside of the bag, optimal size can be 3 x 2 inches. 

It can also be smaller, depending on the size of your bag.The label logo should be big enough to be seen clearly, or your customers might miss it. 

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8. What information should be included in a custom handbag label? 

We use our tag on the bag, so that customers can see not only the quality of the product, but also the quality of the product can be improved by the tag.A woven label with material description can be added to the bag, so that customers can see the brand, origin, number, size, raw material and matters needing attention of the product in the first time, which can improve the reliability of the product.The bag can also be matched with a brand logo, so that the product to a higher level.

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9. Customized labels 

Many people have turned their hobby into a paid business and learned the importance of using custom wallet tags.So the label that fits your handmade handbag or purse will depend on the material you use, its design and the price point at which you intend to sell them.

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