Damask woven tag vs Taffeta woven tag

When can you use Taffeta woven tag instead of Damask woven tag

Both tags have their uses.Taffeta woven tag is a cheap option that many customers don’t choose.The result is sparse, barely readable logos and fonts, and simple design.The fashion trend is no longer simple design, a label can contain a lot of information, so a thinner and more complex design is needed.Damask woven tag is also more valuable. 

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What is damask woven tag

Damask woven tag is tightly tied together with polyester threads of medium thickness and woven, resulting in a strong, soft, high quality label that is commonly used in any brand, neck label to external label placement ornament. 

Damask- Glossy base line with smooth soft texture.Woven fabric labels favor damask as the ideal choice for most clothing labels.Usually considered high-end, used for complex details.Damask is a fine fabric label, usually called denier density.The lower the denier, the better the quality, but also the higher the cost.You can use up to eight colors, but adding colors adds to the cost and weight of the clothing label. 

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Advantages of Damask woven tag 

Damask woven tag as finer yarn and tighter weave is used, the label content will have clear lines.The content of the Taffeta Tag is jagged. 

If you want to match a very specific background color to a solid coated or uncoated Pantone number, choosing Damask will be best. 

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Damask woven tag usage

Damask is the choice of exquisite details, customized labels that can promote your brand name.Whether used for clothing, fabrics, T-shirts, sewing labels or craft items, damask labels will bring the best and make your products stand out for both online and offline sales.All of our labels are made of high quality. 

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What is Taffeta woven tag? 

Taffeta is a crisp, smooth, woven fabric made of polyamide fibers with a special coating.  Some taffeta materials have a very smooth surface, allowing for good detailed printing visualization.When we talk about woven tags, we mean Taffeta tags.Taffeta Tag is the most economical woven tag.Taffeta Tags are thinner and more transparent than other woven tags.On the thicker side of the label, polyester thread is used, and the stitches are more spaced apart, making it look a little “pixelated.”You can see the stitches coming apart.Taffeta creates a grainy, rough art style that may be perfect for a brand that wants to create it. 

Disadvantages of Taffeta woven tag 

Taffeta woven tag means that it is easy to wrinkle when handled.They are also less durable than satin. 

Taffeta woven tag usage

Widely used in the textile industry, as a care label, brand label, special indication label budget choice. 

We also do not recommend using Taffeta tags for stitching in contact with the skin.Because low quality can be a little itchy and harmful to the skin.Users may prefer to cut them off.We didn’t know this could happen to you! 

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